29 Mar

Bet you’re intrigued… yeah, you are.

I will no longer be posting here – because some THIEVING WHORE stole my domain name. Whatever, no worries, I was growing out of it anyway. So to make things easier I will be posting on Simple. Fun. New!

Smack ya later.




14 Dec

Just Because

15 Nov

Yeah, didn’t wear this today but this was the mood I was in when I got home.

Most importantly – shoes: Steve Madden Leopard Carnabys, shorts: cut off, top: H&M bustier, duster: not really, vintage dress

Style Diary – Colatta Khakis

15 Nov

Wore this to work today.

Well, without the spikes.  Today was a looong work day. I’m in the last few days before I leave this 9-5 job I’ve been working, slightly going insane. I sit at a computer from 9-5 and by the end of it I have a migraine, my eyes hurt, and I feel like I might snap and do something crazy.  I took the train home and after standing in those shoes for the trip I made my way to the free seat once someone moved. As soon as I turned the train came to an abrupt halt and this strawberry colatta flew out of my hand and all over this guy wearing khakis….don’t wear khakis.  Of course, I was apologetic but I secretly thought I did him a huge favor….humpf, khakis.

Style Inspiration: THE END

15 Nov

Jacket: Talbots, t-shirt: no idea, stole it from Michael, skirt: thrifted, arm candy: Isabella Louis, rings: Forever.

Woke up this morning feeling a bit preppy but not so – tight polo and pearls preppy…I was feeling – uniform breaking, cig smoking, skipping out on the bourgeois with my motorcycle riding boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks preppy.  So instead of wearing a camisole and a tennis bracelet I decided on a tee to dress it down and some chains and spikes to rock it up. Go for tees with BIG graphics (text only with a printed skirt) for major effect.

And never fear a colorful blazer. We’ll need it as New England gets more gothic for the season ahead.

Style Diary – Wishes

11 Nov

Today is 11.11.11 so if you missed 11:11am you MUST make a wish at 11:11pm.  That gives you all day to think about it.  If you had one wish what would you use it on? No cheating…no wishes for magic lanterns or 3 extra wishes…just one. Tough. Heck if I know. To keep my family and friends around forever, a lifetime supply of clothes, endless amounts of shoes, a million bucks, a business investor, a wardrobe job on a movie, Ryan Reynolds in my bed…who knows!

Here’s what I’m wearing.

Top: Thrifted $3

Skirt: Thrifted $7

Belt: Mommy’s closet $free

Shoes: Steve Madden Carnaby’s $179. On sale now for $99

Style Diary – UNDERWATER

8 Nov

That title has nothing to do with what I’m wearing right now but listen to this as you scroll through this post.

Today wasn’t very eventful until I decided to apply for the Real World during my lunch break.  Granted, I still need to make a video but I filled out my info, wrote a nonsense bio, and submitted a few pictures.  I did take the train today, however, and was followed home by a creepy man that’s followed me before. I once again had to walk around the block so the creep wouldn’t know where I live.  And the fact that I gave him that “you’ve gotta be f**king kidding me, I’m sick of your s**t” look must be an indicator that I’m more annoyed than afraid of creepy men following me on dark nights down dark streets. I mean, I am 5’10 in 5 inch heels and look like I could kick some major ass. Just sayin’.

Here’s what I wore and I’m pretty sure the entire look cost me less than 70 bucks including shoes. Bet you wanna know how I shop, huh?

Do wait.

I will tell.


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