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New Isabella Louis Chains

30 Nov

Made these over the weekend….


Isabella Louis Chains & Safety Pins

29 Nov

I wear these nifty little chains on blazers, sometime I wear them on shirts and dresses…depends on the ensemble.  Anywho, we’re producing them now and will be selling them online and around (blazy bla).  Anywho, they come in three sizes: there’s small: a small pin with shorter chains, medium: a large pin with medium length chains (the kind I wear), and a medium: a large with a large pin and long chains.

Here’s a large

Here’s the medium

And the small – actually worn best on dresses and shirts or the front of blazers. (we had limited resources the photos were impulsive).

And the Journey Begins

29 Nov

Made a trip to the fabric store and bought some fabric for the Isabella Louis Spring 2010 collection. We’ll be the limited 10 piece collection in Boston on March 26 and we’re setting a date to show the full collection. I didn’t buy it all and some of it was completely impulsive but that’s how I work. Still not entirely familiar with the names of fabric so I tend to walk around a fabric store touching and pulling at everything I like until I have decided it is what I want.  I’ve also been sketching and I’m soo excited to start sewing.  We’ll be choosing models some time soon for the show on the 26th so as soon as I get their measurements I’ll beging!

Here’s my shopping cart.


29 Nov

Oh T day… mum cooked up a great feast.  My niece Brittany assisted some, I heard my stepdad even helped out.

Oh and mum had a really cool blazer on. Mum style Diary:

And the squishy food…

While they were cooking I was sneaking pieces of turkey, I hid it well and no one could tell. 

and drinking this (musty armpit tasting grossness)…

Then the camera died but our little dinner of six turned into something huge. My aunt came over with a bunch of kiddies after leaving my other aunt’s house (we usually go over there for T day).  A kid plops down right next to me, grabs my phone and tries to figure out brickbreaker.  Then as soon as one of them discovered the left over halloween candy in the basement they all marched down and terrorized that space.  My aunt (the very religious new preacher woman) sat down next to me and only moments later a random lesbian sex scene took over the big screen sitting infront of us. (I feel like that happens whenever she and I are in the same room with a TV – no matter whose house or who has the remote).


My nephew (older than me) came over with his lady woman and kids. Hillarious little boy that just stares people in the face with no emotion — all the while my grandmother (who has alzheimer’s) is asking the same questions on repeat (“where’s Larry?” – in the dinning room. “Was I asleep?” – yes, for a little bit. “Am I alright here?” Yes. “where’s my purse?” – right next to you.)

THEN…My uncle comes over with his girlfriend, the heavy drinker. Oh and yes, she was tipsy and of course she attempted conversation with me, drank my cider, realized it was cider (she’s allergic) and had a slight allergic reaction.  Then she was off to my aunt’s house.

There’s so much more to this story…but to sum it all up – Thanksgiving was hillarious.

If Tim Burton and I…

29 Nov

…took a walk up Beacon Ave I think our vision would alter and we’d see this

Snapshots – An Autumn Walk Through Boston

29 Nov

Love. Love. Love the fall, especially in Boston.

Inspired by Tim Burton of course

Style Diary 11.28.09

29 Nov

Made the earring and the shoulder chain (we’ll be selling those soon for Isabella Louis). Oh ya and new glasses.