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Style Diary: Christmas

25 Dec

Merry Christmas Everyone…

I’m playing on my new christmas present – little cute notebook and finally I have a webcam.

[Side note: My 2-year old great nephew (my nephew’s son) just said “I must have a stomach bug” – WHAT lol]

Woke up looking like this

Don’t say a WORD about my huge eyebrows – I had to grow them back because of the butcher job some Asian lady did. Downtown Boston nail salons – not the mecca for good eyebrow work.

I also met my great nephew for the first time the day before yesterday and he’s super smart for a two year old.  He just knows a lot and can form complex sentences. It truly amazes me.  He’s also a fiesy one.  AND saw my 13-year old niece who I haven’t seen since she was like 7.  Grown! (they live in GA)

Now Brittany (my other niece – I have a ton, I was born 20 years after my siblings) well she and I are laughing because Josh just came out wearing a ton of rainbow bangles (probably my 13-year old niece’s) and said “you like them.”  He also grabbed Brittany’s pocketbook and said “My pocketbook.” Last night after the shower he runs out in a towel and said “You like my dress?” He’s too funny and TWO.

Here’s the style diary. I have no tripod so getting a photo was not easy.

That’s the basement by the way.


New Toys

22 Dec

New little Oliver Swift shoes with plaid interior and Studs!


Yes, I wear lace socks…my new favorte thing to do. Not a huge fan of socks period but a New England winter doesn’t really care what you like. So, since I have to wear socks – they’ll be lack on top, coming just over the ankle region.  Like the idea though and will probably continue throughout the spring.  I make them!

Oh and a necklace

I also got a ton of frabric yesterday so I can start this collection for Isabella Lous.  I took pics at the fabric store and have pictures of the fabric, I’ll show you later. Buttt “Paranormal State” has a marathon on (don’t judge me – its entertaining) and my room looks like this…


I can explain though… I went Christmas shopping yesterday and I’m still not completely unpacked from school.

Brittany Murphy Passed? :(

20 Dec

While Watching Desperately Seeking Susan I made my way over to Facebook where a friend posted a TMZ article reporting that Brittany Murphy died this morning after going into cardiac arrest. Sad.

And now all I can think of is my favorite character of her’s in the film Love and Other Disasters, which I’ll probably watch after Desperately Seeking Susan.  She was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-loving jovial girl who falls in love with a foreign man, who she thinks is gay initially and sets him up with her gay best friend.  Cute little story and she looked absolutely adorable the entire time.

Not even sure what to categorize this post as…I like the movie (j’aime) but its so sad that she passed.  Oh, and her husband had to make th call….

Desperately Seeking Susan

20 Dec

With 1985 Madonna!!!

Never realized how much I love this movie until today as I watched it for the first time…how have I lived this long and never seen it? Good Question.  Anywho, there are soo many things Madonna has in this movie that I have – for one, that cross earring…and there are so many things she has that I want.  Anywho, I clearly get my inspiration from this eventhough I’ve never seen it.  It’s like having a long lost twin.

Here’s the first part enjoy. (I’ll add more as I finish them)

I really want her suitcase/bag. I saw one about a year ago in a vintage shop but it was so broken that my friends talked me out of it. This begins my search for one. Later on I’ll upload photos of my vintage suitcase collection – its pretty out of control.

So, Michael called and we’re on the phone so I haven’t gotten to the third part yet.

Roberta is such a creeper! and great, now she’ll be mistaken for Susan.

[and now pause – just found out Brittany Murphy died this morning 😦 – sad face]

Next part of the movie – link: (sorry the videos were just taking up too much space and there are a ton)

lol – she stole the refrigerator…she has great teeth…

urg –

oh no, you’re not getting it

favorite bar scene – haha bald person

Roberta is a bit aggrivating –

ooh and the plot thickens

Happy ending for all (except the idiot husband) and how hot is Aidan Quinn – adding this to my favorite movies list

Desperately Seeking Isabella Louis

20 Dec

YAY. The semester is over – it was a rough one.  I’m home now and I’ve set up shop.  Really tiny studio space but totally large enough for me. I have ten mannequins coming my way next week, I’ll probably only keep about two in here and store the rest in the room beside me.  I have some more sketching to do, need to get my fabric, order my studs, spikes, and chains, get some extra sewing supplies, get some shoes to transform and then the sewing begins!  Here are some photos of my space.

I like It: Lindsay Lohan’s Muse Spread

8 Dec


Page Six Didn’t have these….


There’s a video too: I can’t get it embeded but I’ll do that later:

Oh Dear Dear Taylor Lautner

8 Dec

Yes! Watched Twilight (still not a huge fan, don’t really understand all the hooplah either) BUT Taylor Lautner will make me watch that movie countless times.  Yes, the 17 year old (SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD) is breathtaking…literally.  After going to see the movie, only because I watched it bootleg online and fell in love with him enough that I needed to see it in theaters, I came back to my room to find his spread in the issue of GQ that was sitting on my desk.  Then, of course, I youtube stalked him…THEN watched SNL later only to find out he will be hosting next week! What is this (technically illegal – I’m 21 by the way).

Well… revel in his beauty.

Oh and yes, I was so Team Jacob.  I don’t know what able minded individual would pick Edward over him.  He literally steams in this movie, he’s that hot…like…literally hot. I…don’t…understand.  Go see it, even if it’s just for him.

XOXO Later Days,