Style Diary: Christmas

25 Dec

Merry Christmas Everyone…

I’m playing on my new christmas present – little cute notebook and finally I have a webcam.

[Side note: My 2-year old great nephew (my nephew’s son) just said “I must have a stomach bug” – WHAT lol]

Woke up looking like this

Don’t say a WORD about my huge eyebrows – I had to grow them back because of the butcher job some Asian lady did. Downtown Boston nail salons – not the mecca for good eyebrow work.

I also met my great nephew for the first time the day before yesterday and he’s super smart for a two year old.  He just knows a lot and can form complex sentences. It truly amazes me.  He’s also a fiesy one.  AND saw my 13-year old niece who I haven’t seen since she was like 7.  Grown! (they live in GA)

Now Brittany (my other niece – I have a ton, I was born 20 years after my siblings) well she and I are laughing because Josh just came out wearing a ton of rainbow bangles (probably my 13-year old niece’s) and said “you like them.”  He also grabbed Brittany’s pocketbook and said “My pocketbook.” Last night after the shower he runs out in a towel and said “You like my dress?” He’s too funny and TWO.

Here’s the style diary. I have no tripod so getting a photo was not easy.

That’s the basement by the way.


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