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Peter Andre

25 Feb

This was just hanging out on my computer….

LOVE -.-


And I Would Swallow These Whole

25 Feb

Actually…I wouldn’t – I don’t like pastries that much…actually not at all, only my aunt’s ATTRACTIVE lemon cake.

If I Knew Christian We Would Be Besties

25 Feb

It’s true.

My Alter Ego is Bellz

25 Feb

Yes. I have decided to name her Bellz and she’s really badass.

A Couple of weeks ago I went to a SUPER gay club with a few friends….there was glitter, male go-go dancers, voguing men and techno music…it was a BLAST.  So my friend and I decided to stand on a little “stage-like” structure…it was actually only a few feet above the floor level. Anywho, I’m standing – slightly dancing… looking classy with my cosmo in a plastic cup.  And after minding my own business for a few minutes random people start coming up to us showering us in compliments. LOVE! One even went so far as to ask if I was famous and he just didn’t recognize me. HA! I guess I did stand out, 5’9 in my 5 inch heels…no shirt…and a pink blazer.

That’s the only pic I got…in the bathroom – slightly tipsy with my blackberry. Oops.

Then we met a super cool kid Bryan!

Then we went to the same spot again for mi amigo Miranda’s birthday the next weekend (not that many guys :(…) but girlies still showered us in compliments…asked us to take photos.  I feel like I should have had business cards. I did get a few though, which was funny. 

We danced so hard BOTH nights that my entire body still hurts.

This was a really bad picture of most of us…but Bryan’s hat was too cool to not capture.  Yes, that was mid-dance floor with my blackberry.

When we went out on the street people kept yelling Lady Gaga at us. One girl was even like “LADY GAGA” to the both of us…like come on – relax.

Then we went to seven eleven…saw a guy urinating on a pile of boxes in the back of the store. Laughed hysterically, Bryan and I ran…swiped a breakfast burito and ran across the street to the pizza shop.  Took pictures with peeps (strangers that asked for it). Ate a whole box of pizza. Met a guy that was in the military and from Mississippi (or something) who randomly stopped the conversation and said…

“I have a room at the W.”

We decided he was a creeper serial killer and got the hell out of there…Hailed down a cab, made it stop at the Tiger Mart for an ATM that was broken…Mia paid and we skurried to school.

Then dealt with a heap of BS when we got back here but let’s save that for another post!!!

Smack ya later…



25 Feb

Garter Straps are sexy. End story. I have some and wore them a few times…yes in publica…and yes, exposed.

These too…

Shall I be Super Original and talk about all my favfashionweekpieces

25 Feb

Perhaps…not because every fashion blogger in the universe is doing it………….

i did not like Marc Jacobs’ collection for obvious reasons and ya, I’ll go skimming the interweb for my favorites later and upload some photos. I did not go to fashion week so its not really super imperative that I comment on everything…is it?

I’m not technically a fashion blogger now am I…

Oh did anyone else see Alexa Chung for Madewell…well I don’t shop there to begin with and the collection alllright. I personally thought she was going to be super funky edgy…like her voice

Absolutely HATE those denim overalls and that horrific thing next to her. Anyone notice that’s the girl from The Beautiful Life…the “black/hispanic?” one..She also played a prostitute on Confessions of a Call Girl…that show on Showtime/HBO?

I don’t want to go to Stats class…but i have to..oops already late. Smack ya later



25 Feb

Missing in action — not the super cool miss….

You know when you do an overhaul of social networking, blogging included, then just stop…then procrastinate like crazy because you want to go back but its been sooo long.  That’s where I stand.

I’ve also been semi-busy. 

I’ve been working on the Isabella Louis line, the first dress that will walk down the runway is a beacon of time consuming difficulty and I have a love/hate relationship with it. You know…  I made the whole thing once, hated the bottom, tossed it – did it over, took forever to figure out the top…did that twice, decided not to drape but instead make a million little strips to go across.  Once it looks like something I’ll upload a photo.  On another note, all of the other pieces have been pretty easy, though, I still haven’t done the pants or shorts and I’ve never made either of those before.

That was how it started…its just SO different now.

I also went to a random blog bar (i’ve got blogs on the mind) with friends on a snowy day

Keeping the hair shaved

Went to a gay club….or two…or three for friend’s bdays (just realized I never show up in any of my pictures…always holding the camera)

But I got this rad photo

And made new glasses and a super talented design friend

Then I found a few new interns for Boston Bazaar and some serious inspiration to get things rolling with that.  We have a ton of things to plan, including a new event series I’ll tell you all about soon.

Got an internship at iMan Fashion Group in Boston too and working on an event that is going to insanely awesome on April 18th…its going to be at the old Achilles Project (that closed!??!?!) and there will be a style lounge and designers and vendors and coolness and a show….I’ll upload more info laters.

Oh and I am going to try my hardest to update my twitter so I can share all of these cool little things that just never make it here.

I also have to blog for a class I’m in so I’ll bring some of those posts here too!

Hooraaah…all caught up so we can move on now.

oh ps.. showing Isabella Louis for the first time at Emmanuel College on March 26th