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Just My Face

16 Apr

….and some words.
I have a ton of things to post about… marvelous adventures of thrifting…the makeover of a Brazilian boy lol from scrubs to blazers (cool stuff – i’ll upload pictures as soon as I get his permission). Finally got the photos from that October shoot The Boston Bazaar did and i’m working on a fun video. Blah Blah Blah party party party. Planinng another NY trip, the rain killed it this weekend.


Sex & the City II

9 Apr


Met Lupe Fiasco!

9 Apr


Is this not a beautiful rainy day.  I’m in class and staring out the window about to go throught all my word files to find those unposted blog posts I need to make.


Yesterday on Newbury Street Michael and I took a friend shopping, reinventing his style lol, making him a cool kid.  He’s pulling off the look, I must say, and he knows a thing or two.

So while scampering the street looking for man jewelry and leaving Aldo because they’re absurdly overpriced for cheap jewelry. (i only have one bracelet from there that hasn’t broken -cross fingers)

So we’re walking back to cheapo H&M and Michael spots Lupe walking by us so of course, Simone chases the man down.  He stops we all banter banter banter.  Talk about Boston…Lupe is like its pretty cold but its been cool.  The some absurd angry bostonian stops in the street swearing and yelling at the car infront of him and we’re all like well “Boston.”

So we talk about his show the last night. I tell him how ecstatic Teish was over the show and that’s the best I can do because she was sooo pissed that we met him.  I took a photo of Simone and Lupe then I posed for this pic….

Simone fiddled through her bag to find a pen and pad and got his autograph. There was a joke made that I missed because I have no space on my phone so I was trying to figure out how to preserve the photo.


I look a little silly in that photo, huh? Well, its because we’re clearly besties.

Another Isabella Louis Fav

7 Apr

Loved this pair!!! So proud of Michael and I!!!

How to Get Ready in a Minute…

6 Apr

…almost true.

And A Word From Us Kids!

6 Apr

White or black…you need them both in your closet right about now. Oh, and if you have not gotten your hands on a body con dress…GET ON THAT. There is nothing sexier this season than an all white body con dress that hugs your figure the way clothes are supposed to. Its not about bikini bodys this season for you fashion lovers, I know that – same boat here, its about that body con body. Who cares about the beach when you need to slim down to look super Kim Kardashian in your body con. Top Shop is having their 1 Year New York Bday and they have plently of white dresses and even more body con.

Speaking of AMAZING white dresses…time to pat myself on the shoulder and time for you not to judge me for doing so…But check out this sexy a** Isabella Louis white mini with petal detail on the side!!! YUM.

To My Subscribers…

6 Apr

What…I have those….word.

AND one of you deserves a free Isabella Louis Safety Pin Chains…so leave a comment herrrre, somehow I’ll figure out who gets it and I’ll make one just for you! Maybe you should guess a number between 1 and 30…..

someone better respond, I know you’re out there, my blog stats tell me so. They may not tell me who but….

Whoever guesses closest shall win!!! I’ll give it to Friday.