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Oh Dear

30 May

I guess if I was skinny, malnourished and depressed…



30 May

Everyone needs at least one major ring…if you’re greedy like me, you need all of these…

The Girl Back There

30 May

Needs to be in the front because I love everything about her!

[ooh, my laptop just took a serious hit to the floor] ouch.

Leighton & Lively Licking

30 May

The one thing in the world that I cannot share with anyone else is ice cream…Not because I love it a ton.  I actually don’t even like ice cream or chocolate or cheese or whip cream or sour cream for that matter.   But some times I have cravings for blackberry or coffee ice cream but I cannot bring myself to share.  It actually turns my stomach.  Can’t share with my mom, lover, siblings – NO ONE.  I actually puked one time after i forced myself to take a lick after a boyfriend once.  YUCK. No idea what it is.

These Are Disgusting…

30 May

Hideous… and just when I thought this Nickolas Kirkwood for Rodarte was a good idea…

You Ever Just Feel Like Smiling

30 May

Well, I’ve been that way for like a week!!!

The Boston Bazaar has a re-launch next weekend…and it is just SO different and I am uber excited.  Isabella Louis will also be showing all summer and I’ve already started working on the Fall 2010 collection and BAM!!!  We’re thinking about a bit of an exclusive showing in Springfield, MA but….eh….maybe.

Anywho…been working HARD on a lot of projects, my bed time has been 4am for the past week but whateeeever.  Did I mention I spent and extra $15 on rushed shipping for my business cards (3 day) but we were only 2 days from the weekend plus the holiday…so I wasted some serious money. Womp womp.

smack ya later,


Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte S/S 2010

30 May

I want these on my feet…

They’re only $1430…who wants to start a “Let’s get Bella these Nicholas Kirkwood pumps” fund!!