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Mah Boots

24 Jun

So I said I was going to upload photos of my boots


(spent all day beating those up. I want sloopay boots)

But then I thought…what a bore and that pizza would solve it.


(what small photos)

but then I thought you would irrevocably be without if you did not see a picture of some Rupaul’s Dragrace peeps I went to see.

Then I thought you’d be so infuriatingly restless that you’d have to see a pic of Mike and I (ha) with Ju Ju.  (hate this pic of me…I look massively swollen)


Did I Mention

23 Jun

this is in my future….

I was searching the world high and low for a cool picture of pink lipstick and there she was.

What I’m Listening To: Falling Slowly

23 Jun

And have been listening to all day…
From the movie Once (2006) great movie…performed by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova…

It makes me genuinely think that I’m falling in love. [Stop living in your head Isabella…you’re not in love – its just summer]

love the comment under it “this is what falling in love sounds like”

Whoa Whoa Whoa

23 Jun

Talk about neglect…

Whoopsi.  I’ve been multitasking.

Finished The Boston Bazaar….

AND I’ve started the Isabella Louis Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  We’ll be showing it this fall which is superrrr.  I’ve also been writing a ton – my stuff and a some stuff for the site.  I’m kind of tired.  But I did spend an entire week doing nothing but watching Heroes seasons 1 – 4.  I fell absolutely head over heels for Zach Quinto.

And when I say in love I mean absolutely heartbreakingly obsessed.  I was putting my “meet Zach” plan in motion BUT of course, he and I were meant to be best friends…I don’t think he goes for my team -> you know, the vagin and all. I still want to meet the man.  After countless interviews I’ve watched he seems like a really cool person.  I need to familiarize myself with Twitter and get into it so I can follow him.

Sigh, I really want him lol.  Watch this and know why I can’t have him,

(that’s a youtube video – hope it works)

I have also come to the recent realization that Aries and Scorpios are by far the most fun combos…we’ll see, aries may also be a tad bit crazy.

I’ve made Trident on Newbury Street my new hangout spot. Great food. Great Books. What more can I ask for. [Zach Quinto]
I guess I will just have to find love elsewhere….My last huge celeb crush was Heath Ledger, and this disappointment feels the same. I am just not meant to love a celeb!!!

HMM…what else. Made some cool rings and what not. I’ll put them up as soon as I take some photos. I’ll do it otmorrow, I promise. I owe you swiftness.

I need to go shower now…can’t make an aries wait, they’re psychotic. Seriously.

Cheryl Cole

5 Jun

Has a cool jacket

Rings Rings Rings

5 Jun

If you haven’t noticed,  I have a new obsession….  Here are some cool oness, I’m far too closter phobic for a four finger ring (i hyperventilate when a ring gets stuck on my finger) but I just ordered a cool studded 2-finger ring…and a whole new 10 finger collection. Had to step my finger game up…. I’ll show you when they’re here.  It might be a while though, they’re coming from random places around the world!

Some Beyonce for the Brain

3 Jun

You know when you have something crazy that you mean to show someone but you keep forgetting…that’s what this is all about.  I have held onto this magazine since my teeny teen years and finally dug it out as I was clearing out my room for the big move….

This is Beyonce in 2001

Beyonce now….


In comparison to the other “mega” booty –>

Jennifer Lopez booty 2001

Jennifer Lopez now…

Just sayin’… when you’ve got it you’ve got it