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The Private Isabella Louis Showroom is Open!

31 Jul

Woot…So, all fans of The Boston Bazaar on Facebook have access to the private showroom that is open a full 24 hours (and some change) before the store actually opens.  They won’t have to worry about pieces running out and they’ll get first dibs on EVERYTHING!  All fans have to do is sign in/create an accout.  If they are a fan they’re approved and they get to shop early. 

If you want in go there…But since we’re friends here’s a little preview of some of the pieces.


Workin’ Gal

28 Jul

Went on a couple of job interviews today. Wore a wig. Didn’t wear that outfit (sorry – keep forgetting the style diary).  That photo is actually from my first interview this summer for a job I rejected (didn’t pay well enough and was a crappy job).

Anywho, wore a wig because the left side of my head is shaved for you all that do not know me.  I figure once they hire me then I’ll have no problem tearing that wig off and showing them my true colors….if they have beef, whatevs back to the wig.

I kept adjusting it like it was a hat. Forgot that probably looked odd.

The job I really want is an event rep for this advertising agency.  I think the interview went well –>pays $10 plus commission 40 hours a week (not going to cry about it). I have The Boston Bazaar anyway.  How will I manage my time?!?!?! You ask. I will – the days are long because I’ll only be working Thursday – Sunday (still 40 hours) picture that.  But we all know I’m out in the middle of no where (Springfield) and they have a client out here so I’d be able to train and start immediately then just change locations in September. Sweet. It’ll pay my bills.

The guy was cool. Laid back. QUICK.

After the first fantastic interview I had 4 hours to do nothing until my next one and the place was out in the middle of no where…..hmm.  So I sat at Borders and read books.  Started reading “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” by J. Safran.  Then my ADD kicked in when I noticed “Everyman” by Philip Roth peeking out at me. They both immediately pulled me in.  Ended up buying “Pop Salvation” by Lance Reynald though about some kid obsessed with Andy Warhol and the cover was pink and yellow and black and white so I had to buy it.  I’ll go back for the other when I finish reading it (and Lipstick Jungle annnd Year of Magical Thinking – which I’ve already started).

Other breaking news: Found a good apartment.  Hope we get it. We put in the application.

Flyer Thing

28 Jul

…. t’was a five second butcher job…don’t judge me. BUT I kind of like it.  Been working on a bunch of stuff since 8 this morning. I think I should get to bed (Coraline just said that and I couldn’t agree more).

Isabella Louis SELLS!

27 Jul

I know. It took a while, but when you really want to do something – just do it.  So in the wee hours of Monday night I decided we were going to sell all of the Isabella Louis pieces from the last show and some pieces I’ve been working on that are not necessarily apart of the SS 2011 collection.

Here are a few just in case you forgot

We’ll also be selling those IL chains…remember?


And by next month you’ll be seeing a lot more accessories, shades, shoes (SHOES!)… craziness.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner.

Did I mention we have a SS 2011 collection in the works? Whoa.

Love my life right now.

Show some support and invite yourself to the facebook event.  Fans of the Boston Bazaar get a private showing and access before the general public this weekend!

I love you guys. ❤ Heart.

Smack ya later,

What I’m Listening To: The XX

19 Jul

This sums up my summer.


14 Jul

I’m sick and its not fair.  Here I was ready to go hard with my blog and now I’m just so fatigued.

Zoe Saldana Engaged

13 Jul

That’s right.  My big sis is engaged to model man Keith Britton! They’ve been at it for 10 years.