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Audio Post

28 Aug

My First Day Off

26 Aug

At the new job…which I leave next week for a new one. I like change. I bore easily.

I spent it: not sleeping in. Woke up at 6 and tried to stay awake to watch the 8am Will & Grace on Lifetime. The first episode I saw so I thought I could nap and wake up for the second.


Dumb idea.

Woke up at 8:57.

Called the lady for my new job and she hired me!

Yay! I get health insurance. Dental. And vision (Lord knows I need it).

Then drama drama drama in my life. And my step dad is a PAB.

Then got some mula. Went to the barbershop to fix this mess on my head.


First time at this place. Really wanted to go to a hispanic barber because they’re the only ones that do my designs a little bit like Connor. I miss Connor. *sigh

Well only one guy did designs. He finished his client. Took a lunch break (!?!??!). Did a friggin shamrock on the back of a kid’s head. Meanwhile, there are 2 bright eyed rugrats dancing around me and asking everyone for a dollar.  He wouldn’t leave me alone eventhough I semi shunned him, turned my body, and put my shades on.

I think he was about 3. His brother was 4 or 5. Yuck. Hate kids.

One of the barbers went to the vending machine. The 3 year old pulled up a chair and tried to snatch the dollar out of his hand!!! Beast. The barber ended up giving him an open pack of m&ms (this was not his barber).

I decided these kids needs to learn to NOT talk to strangers. Never ask for money. and NEVER take an opened bag of candy.

Where the hell was their mother.

Meanwhile, their brother (13 maybe) was getting a haircut.

Well. Finally it was my turn.

Oh there was a lesbian barber! Don’t know why that excites me, but it immediately makes the place more interesting. Another lesbian lady came in and got something done. No idea what. I only saw her as she was leaving because this was happening to me….

Just realized I don’t have a good photo of my designs. Whoops. Camera is dead.

So three hours later we went to McCie-Dees for a salad. I’m pretty sure the register girl was flirting. Hey –_–the lesbian population in Springfield is astonishing.

Then yea. I went into the lav and took these because I don’t have a self timer on this shitty camera so this is as close to a style diary I can do.

For now.


Mother May I

23 Aug

I worked from 9 to 5 today…yuck – what a cliché –> well, its only temporary.

I’ve started packing.

Or my mom has started packing my things. I think she’s more excited about me getting out of here than I am.

Becky sent the photos from the Urban Nerdz shoot! So here’s a peek…

Day one was on a rooftop in Allston. Day two was on Newbury Street at the Concrete Jungle!

Oh but the best part about Day one was adding our tags to the roof and the two random people that came up as we were leaving. Leaving behind the smell of fresh spray paint and the fact that no one gave us permission to use the roof. None of us even live in that building but saw it once and decided we needed it. Pretty sure the that came up had something to do with management because we weren’t entirely discreet.  Some creeper man even had a stare challenge with Michael at one point (from his window). Someone told on us –_–… but we were done. so IN YO FACE SUCKKA.

Teyana Taylor

22 Aug

I have a new MONSTER crush on Teyana Taylor. I don’t know why this just fell upon me like this today but I LOVE this girl.

I have that jacket. She has that jacket. Eddie House from Steed Lord has that jacket.

My ghey crush. She could get it.

And I’ve decided if I was a stripper my name would be Tsunami.

Spring 2011

19 Aug

I feel like this sums up the inspiration for my next collection! If you do not blatantly get the story behind this head gear I cannot wait until next season!!! We’ll show this fall I promise. I just need to put some plans in motions. Get enough money to finish the collection and figure out where to host the show(s)!!! It’ll happen kids. I’ve noticed I am one of those people –> once I set my mind to something it always happens! Gotta love that drive. Even if you cry all night and no longer understand your existence Make it Work!

Here’s my boo.

I want…

19 Aug

These boots

These rings

This Diego Diaz madness

And this man!!!

I know…I’m boy crazy. Not my fault. But that’s Xavier Samuel…remember him from the latest Twilight…Mhmm.

Mark Salling ohmeohmy

19 Aug

I know. I know. I’ve been talking about guys a lot lately.

Can’t help it.

I like them…a lot.

A lot.


If you do not know who he is he plays on Glee. I haven’t consecutively watched the show but I’ve caught a few episodes.

I’m ecstatic about the new season of Gossip Girl – September 13th.

Just saw a trailer for the Real Housewives of New Jersey (the only one I just cannnnot watch.) I genuinely thought Teresa was a transvestite.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s baby is going to be divine!

Oh Mark Salling…and Zane Holtz. Men are so plentiful why do girls always seem to be fighting over them. There are MILLIONS. If one isn’t treating you right….ON TO THE NEXT.