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Allston Baulderdash

19 Sep

SO last night. We’re finally catching up here.

After The Boston Bazaar meeting in Coolidge Corner we head to Allston to find a check cashing place because my bank was closed and I wanted to keep it classy. On the way we noticed the new Buffalo Exchange that I found a beautiful black military jacket (I’m up to about 8 now ~_~) so I ran to the check place and went back for the jacket.  We also stoped at another thrift shop and Michael got a jacket and couple of shirts.  Then off to Connor for a haircut.

Then we went to Tasty Burger by Fenway. I was so excited – I decided to keep it chubby and eat that burger as I walked and realized it was uber pink on the inside. So I walked back showed them the burger, apparently they make them that way unless you ask for a well done burger. Got a new one and we bum rushed the Sox fans to get to Kenmore.

Got to my place. Did a bunch of randomness and decided to have people over.  I took a “nap” (miss my boo) then Bryan stopped by and we scared all the neighborhood Jews as we trooped to the liquor store.

Got back. I showered. We sipped and decided to take the party to the boom box kid’s place.  So our friend Avi, Alex, the birthday girl, Bryan, Chantel, Michael, and I headed to Allston.

Don’t judge me for the lack of wardrobe changes…I have yet to do laundry since I’ve been here and I’m running low. I plan on doing it tomorrow (that’s been the plan for about a week now – we don’t have laundry in our building [realtor LIED])

PAUSE – It took us like three hours to get there. We walked from my place then got lost in a swarm of frat idiots. At one point someone threw a can of beer out at us and we all got super bucky.  The four of us were going to fight this entire house… with our chain gear. Then I decided to call the cops because they were getting super disrespectful. I put my prep girl voice on, called the po-po, Avi and friends found us again and we fled.

Ran into a guy that was doing a Boarders tour with his band – their van was towed – with everything it in. He had no phone or money and thought we could related because he thought we were a band.  We let him use the phone after trying to bribe him into helping us find Boom Box’s house.  We run into another random band that used their i-phone to FINALLY find the random street we had passed like 26 times but there are ZERO street signs in Allston.

We finally get there.

In a past life we were lovers.

We had to fight with this gas mask kid to take it off because we were beyond curious to see what he looked like.  He actually had a very nice face.

We ended up leaving at like 4am after Michael stole a cup of rice. Stopped at a classy Dunkin in a Tedeschi.  As we left a car full of hood boys in a Toyota rolled down their windows and tried to say words to Chantel and I. They were so close that they heard me as I threw my hand up and said roll up your windows. Of course they get bucky and call us ghey and ugly. We continue laughing hysterically because they wanted to spit game….from their Toyota looking like the just fled a drug bust.

This post just took me like 3 minutes longer because I had to stop and stare at the TV as Ciara’s ride video.  She and I split because of that time I went to the store and her CD had been so violently pushed back. But then there are these times when I fall back in love.  Hmm, back in love.

Smack ya later,


The Night That Started it All

19 Sep

Went to Connor for a haircut.

Decided to walk to Newbury. We were stopped by a mother and her daughter that wanted a photo of us.

We posed and proceeded.

We sat around on Newbury all day. Stopped by Concrete Jungle for a quick visit and spent hours doing nothing.  We were stopped by a guy visiting from New Zealand with his purple haired mother and took a photo of us with their Nikon.  They were really cool, traveling the country and headed to New York.

So that night we decided to try a few Allston bars and the photo pandemonium continued. We decided to take a bathroom break at one place. Honestly, there was a cute spunky lesbian at the door last time I went and I wanted to see if she was there again. ANYWHO, she wasn’t so we went to the lav and were about to head out when a few asked for photos.  One girl bought Michael a birthday shot, because he said it was his birthday.

A few more photos were taken but I didn’t decide to also use my camera until this one.

We headed out to another bar and the hostess told us we could stand on this platform-esque thing that looked like it was closed off.  She also brought our drinks to us and we were the only people up there.  So we noticed people were randomly taking photos of us from afar so we turned our backs and then they began approaching. I caught some on camera…

The bar closed and we ran into the boom box crew and partied for a while.

Fun Night New Friends.

Our Day at the FED

19 Sep

So my godfather works at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and we went out to have lunch with him because its been soooo long since I’ve seen him.

We go to the 34th floor (I think) and have a beautifully delicious meal and watch over Boston.

Then we went down to my godfather’s level and chatted with co-workers. Lauged a lot. Met a ton of people and talked about possibly working there and the extensive travel it requires.

Can we talk about how cool the FED is. There’s a ton of cool art pieces and Mad Men inspired furniture and set ups…Unfortunately my camera was dead. WOMP.  They even had a wall of Presidents done in a POP art type of way. My godfather also had a huge photo of Ben Bernanke in his office, which I found pretty hilarious.

That is all.

The U.N Album Release Party at Church

19 Sep

The next night Chantel and I decided to trek over to Kenmore (Fenway friggin Park) – beat through the crowd of rebellious Sox fans and go to the bar Church for the Album release party for The U.N (the band The Boston Bazaar is doing a feature on). We haven’t done the feature yet though, we also got the final bit for the piece that night….

We went to the lav to take photos.

There are those Nerds.

Ghey Night Out & My Lesbian Inspiration

19 Sep

So we went to a ghey bar.

Lesbian bar.

I thought it’d be cool.

I’m strangely inspired by Lesbians… I can’t really articulate what it is. I think it fits in with the whole fashion aesthetic that appeals to me.. You know that badass, Euro-trashed, tattoo free rocker chick that probably kisses girls when she feels like it.  She’d probably also rather have sex with a chick than masturbate. She’ll  date a few too because love knows no gender for her…. there it is.

Well…moving on from my lesbian inspiration.

We go to this Lesbian bar and its nothing like that.  There are no cool, chic girls smoking classy cigs with cool haircuts. There are not cool hip-hop inspired tom boy looks with A hats, boy jeans, tight tops, and sneakers. No pretty face bad chicks. No pale lip smokey eyed sexy girls…There’s a bunch of dry girls ready to pounce my ass as soon as I walk in and feed me boring convo while trying to dance.

Nevermind miss rudeness at the door and the fact that Bryan could not get it.

Well here’s the photo story.


Fugly dress in the back.

Sabine and Michael

We ended up a Seven Eleven of course…fighting with the store keep about tacquitos then getting sick at my apartment from all of the bad Seven Eleven choices.

The Move!

19 Sep

Finally officially living in Boston.

Undergrad is behind me and now I’m living/working/studying in the city. In real life.  So our beautiful humble abode is in a gorgeous building in a very beautiful Jewish neighborhood…surrounded by huge beautiful house. Then you walk into our gorgeous building to our shithole.

Granted, there is something beautiful about it. High ceilings, hard wood floors, decent bedroom sizes, huge windows – very bright…But we move in to blood red walls in the hallways, blue and yellow walls in the living room, baby blue bathroom, yellow kitchen, and my room….

So it took multiple days and about 2 weeks for the painters to finally complete the entire apartment. Then our vintage French tub and vintagggge sink began flooding our bathroom and leaking into the apartment downstairs. So it took them about a week to replace our sink and solve the leakage problem.

SO, of course our stove (which is oddly small) begins shooting flames towards the wall. So we replace that. Then Chantel spots a mouse so we get an exterminator. Then we find a mouse hole in the closet and someone comes out to fill that.  Then we lose our power (yesterday) and I have to go to our creepy basement to fix the circuit breaker because the eletrician wants to charge us a whole $75 to come out.

Now we have to wait for the painters to come back to paint around the new sink.  Then we can finally focus on cleaning up and making our apartment pretty.

We’re going Mad Men in the living room!


16 Sep

I Finally have internet access in my apartment.

I have 2 weeks worth of stories to tell you about.

Beginning with the prostitute hobo outside of a Seven Eleven that hugged me.

A sexy waitor.

A fun breakup.

A paint job.

A flood.

A few drunken nights out.

A mousehole.

My new job.

errrrg. When will I catch up.