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Olka Osadzinska

22 Oct

I have fallen in love with animator Olka Osadzinska.

Im at work and it is taking forevvver for the photos to upload. I’ll do the rest later but she’s awesome!


Life Life Life & Dollhouses

17 Oct

Hey hey hey,

So tired.

Currently listening to accounting lecture videos that I haven’t watched all semester… honestly, I JUST got the book this past Thursday. I have a midterm (50% of my grade) on Tuesday. I’m really an asshole for this. I’ve been at it alll day.

I’m currently half time at Harvard Business, which didn’t feel so intense until this week (exam time!)…I’m only doing marketing and accounting bc apparently I wasn’t smart enough for the calc class I wanted…hehe, WHATEVER. The placement exam was ————meh.

Everything else has been pretty intense too.

Working a baulderdash job that I hate…time for a new one.

Working on this little project toooo!!!!

What’s that you ask??? None of your damn business!!! Joke. Love you.
Working on a new event series called something at some bar that will include a lot of somethings. 
Can’t give too much info yet. CLASSIFIED.
But its something you’re going to love.
I’ve been working on proposals, business meetings, sponsors, vendors blah blah.
Serious Project.

That’s one of the new Isabella Louis T-shirts btw. Grab one, they’re awesome.

I’m also trying to get adjusted to living in an apartment with people…Not really my thing – so I’ve decided to work my ass off because honestly, this three bedroom apartment should have just two roomies. Three is a bother. I was the only child in my house, I really hate sharing my space. ESP when we DO NOT have the same type of home training.

And seriously – you would think it was rocket science to take out the trash…or even pick up a mop or broom. Sigh. “Get out my house.”

Here are some photos:
My room needs a ton of work but I haven’t had the time…and it’s very oddly shaped so I couldn’t get the whole thing in the photo

Here’s the kitchen…We have no curtains yets. We’re also trying to get a shelving unit that we can use a counter space in place of the magazine rack that’s holding the microwave. HUMPF – check out our small fridge (guess thats what $2050 a month gets us)

Our sad hallway…that Chantel is doing a huge painting on (the wall to the right, across from the bike). That bike is a burden btw. I am also hanging a HUGE Brit flag in a shadow box on the wall to the left. We have so much to do –_–

And here is the living room. I’m done taking pictures. We have no sofa nor any curtains. Most of the furniture (all apart from my desk, cabinent, chair) were left by some Misty chick. We’ve spent zero time working on this place if you can’t tell. Michael and I (eventhough he doesn’t live here) did clean the whole place when we moved in though. And your roomies cleaned?? Exactly. I’m pretty sure one hasn’t even picked up a broom…I know for a fact that she’s never touched the mop. Bitch please, you’re not that precious.

I don’t know if I already told you but one of my short stories is being published in The Battered Suitcase. Pretty cool. My pen name isn’t Asha Isabella…actually I’ve been grappling with it a bit lately. I think I’ll be going by Asha Morrison, bc my fiction is SO different than all this other stuff I do.

Speaking of other stuff, I really need to learn to manage my time better. I’ve neglected The Boston Bazaar yet again. This blog gets about 60 more visitors a day than the TBB blog :/ We’ve got some new staff people so it will be better organized in the oncoming weeks. I really just can’t do it on my own anymore.  I’m also kind of giving up on that UN feature i previewed. One of the members is holding the video hostage (jk, not really – just haven’t been able to connect with him) and we haven’t been able to set up another interview. So we’ll see what happens. We have a magazine coming out in January sooo….my focus is beginning to switch already.

Oh yea…and the event series is super charitable. Proceeds from the first month are going towards buying Christmas presents for children associated with the MSPCC. Love.

Alright, Im going to get back to studying. I’m teaching myself 7 chapters of accounting right now.


Life is nothing like the Sims…I’m suing. 😦

What I’m Listening To

7 Oct

Teen Wolk remix for Drop it Low….all morning. This week has been crazy busy. On my “day off” I’ve been working all day on proposals, selecting photos from yesterday’s –no Tuesday’s- photo shoot, interviewing interns, prepping for my meeting/presentation at 3 –> homework for marketing –_–. Someday I will do my homework for class on a day other than classday…

Anywho – here’s the jam.

I’ll post more stuffss later. just a tad busy right now.

And tired as all hell.