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B. Jackson Originals

20 Dec

He doesn’t really go by this name but I figured it’s be a slight invasion of privacy to put his full name as the title…

Whatevs. Bryan made these and I looove them.


On Behalf of The Brit

20 Dec

I’m not British…but I wish I was.

Well, I’ve been living on my own (well with 2 roomies) for almost four months now. You guys don’t understand how sheltered I was growing up and how I’ve never had to deal with much responsibility.  Then came graduation. Ergo…get the hell out (my mom would never – it was all me) and start your life.

I honestly think I am taking life far too serious. As I think most college graduates do, especially when the economy is so shitty and the job market is violently sparse.  I’ve been obsessing over my future and trying to make sure I’m on the right path when honestly I want to be back packing around Europe or doing things I’ve never done before. Taking road trips across the country. Photo blogging about my month in Montreal… being casted as an extra on movie sets. Stalking Cam Gigandet…what is going on?!?! Why so Serious?!?!………..seriously.

But hey, I have bills to pay and a shitty job that pays them.  Then I have all the Boston Bazaar and Isabella Louis stuff that I barely have time for….while trying to make some time to write. Also that store I want to open.  I just don’t have the time to live.

I have no solution if that’s what you thought this post was going to be about.

I kind of wanted it to be about some life suggestions I could give on behalf of all of the things I’ve learned.

Well, here goes.

1. There’s no way you’re going to finish a gallon of milk all by yourself before it expires. Don’t buy gallons even though it makes sense…it’s about .30 cents more but you won’t finish especially if you have no cereal in the house and that’s all you use it for.

2. Eggs go bad.

3. You should probably figure out the sofa situation before moving in because your insanely busy life will not give you much time to get one nor decorate your new apartment.  We still have no couch and have not invested in decor at all because our rent is expensive…our jobs are shitty…and well………we’re tired.

4. If your boss is not significantly more intelligent than you…you will begin to resent the job and her just because.  You’ll begin going to work later and later and you’ll just look like a slacker and lose any chance of getting a good recommendation.  And don’t flirt with coworkers on the job…they’ll catch that.

5. Hit on people.  If you are an attractive person (and maybe a tad shy) and you are not frequently hit on, do it yourself.  Seriously.  Some people just have an intimidating or an “I’m not interested” air about them (me). And later on people always admit to the fact that no matter how attracted they were to you they were desperately waiting for you to make the move.

6. Watch the Disney movie “Meet the Robinsons”………. a lot.


I’m Being Published

20 Dec

I don’t know if we’ve ever talked about my literary life….partially because I write under my legal name which honestly is not Asha Isabella.  Granted that is a part of my name…but theres also a real last name included. I don’t just have two first names…which is cool and I’ve decided I am going to do that to my child if I ever bear one…


I’ve been writing since about age 7. Seriously. I had the one of the first series of moleskin and I wrote a kiddie story accompanied with photos about a little girl being violently taken from her childhood home and dragged to a new city. Of course, she would make an imaginary friend which was a manifestation of her favorite teddy… (total hallucination thinking back on it).  Well the story was about 170 hand written pages with hilarious illustrations and I eventually showed my third grade teacher who strongly encourage me to publish.

I didn’t. I protest and hid the book.

Who knows why.

THEN at age 12 I wrote another 24 chapter piece….get this…………on a type writer. So once that little member was passed around and suggested for publishing OF COURSE I came up with every reason in the world to NOT publish it because honestlllly they wanted me to type the whole thing up.

For the next few years I wrote increasingly incredible things…my mind continue to get twisted and a bit odd. I was compared to a cross between Poe and Austen once (totally flattering) BUT I submitted nothing for publication.  My mum fussed a ton but I cried that all of my early work was not representative of who I was now and who I wanted to be as a writer. So I worked on one story for years and just….didnt….finish. 

Freshman year in college I was required to write a short story for my fiction writing class (she compared me to Poe also).  My final piece was something I revisited during my senior writing seminar and we were REQUIRED to submit for publication upon the conclusion of the class.

So…I didn’t. How would the prof know anyway.

Then a couple of months later I just decided to send it in to the places my professor recommended for me (I should tell her about this.)

A few weeks later I get a response from one and THEY WANT IT! I got a couple more offers but decided on The Battered Suitcase.

My story, He’s in the Walls, is going to be published in their Summer 2011 issue coming out in June. Sooo far from now.  I’m actually pretty happy because after the response from my first fiction writing class I began the novel.  I haven’t had much time nor commitment over the years to finish but ‘its coming along rather nicely and is a piece of work that I am very proud of.  It just shows that I’m probably a little insane.  It would fit in the “gothic” category..which is cool with me.  If I made movies I could probably scare you shitless…just sayin’.

So there it is. 

I am going to try to find more time to write and submit more work.

I really miss it.

Here’s the winter issue of that mag…the collectors edition runs for about $42.99 but you can also get it for $12.99.

Pretty pricey.

I like it.

WHAT…the whole purpose of this post was to talk about the bio that I submitted months ago. It sounds like I’m on drugs….here it is.

Asha ******** recently graduated from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA with a degree in writing & literature and economics. Realizing she had the most irrelevant degree in the world she enrolled part time at Harvard Business School. Without completely committing to an MBA program, Asha spends her spare time making clothes, working in fashion, and writing stories that bring her childhood demons to life, and by demons she means fantastical representations of hallucinations she’s never actually had. Unfortunately, she’s not that interesting so she writes fiction to harness her lies into something positive.”

Tired of the Recap

15 Dec

So…I’m going to have to rush this. I really REALLY will try to never go months without posting again.

I threw a dinner party…Went to see DL Hughly (random but hilarious)…went back a few weeks later to see Rob Shneider (not so funny) but the place had cool drinks.

I also headed home (as in my parents house) to watch movies, Skype with a coworker, and DIE MY HAIR!

I took this whilst skyping because I was feeling super sexy. I was just uploading a photo I happened to take during the skype convo but realized that was creepy and might violate his privacy…so back to the me show.

And this is what I looked like before the salon!

So six or nine hours later I come back to Boston on that lovely Thursday night and we go to have drinks to celebrate the new color!

There’s no way we could walk by this without getting on…

(pause: I had no idea Seth Green was Chris on Family Guy….were have I been.)

Chantel smiles…

Then weeks later we tore my room apart and headed to a photo shoot. (it was a few weeks later and urm a long week sooo yea same ensemble)

We even broadcasted live…about absolutely nothing.

We threw a bunch of Isabella Louis stuff on a table and of course there were chains, studs, and a top hat involved.

Here are some fitting shots of our fav model of the night…I seriously thought we found the next Isabella Louis girl….but she was shipping back to Italy in 2 days! 😦 sadness.

Louis Exposure

14 Dec

So Louis Boston (which apparently has no “of” its not Louis of Boston which sounds cooler) has MOVED to a completely “unique” location… I would go into detail but I’m not because honestly I do not like anyone there. They’re attitudes were nasty and I was there to cover a cool New York designer.  (I don’t want to buy your boring expensive Boston conservative clothing…puleeez. They even had a fugly pair of $400 wooden heeled wedges. Like I picked up those despicable things and immediately wanted to throw them to the ground). 

Anywho…Why was I there you ask? For Jonathan SImkhai of course! The totally awesome New York designer that was being featured at their “Louis Exposure” event.  I am doing a spotlight on him for the next issue of The Boston Bazaar.  He was showing his collections that are inspired by his fantasy of a girl going away and borrowing her boyfriend’s clothes and some cool findings in granny’s treasure chest of vintage wear.

He was cool.

I decided to walk back…eventhough it took a $10 cab ride to get there from South Station!!!  (where IS Louis Boston). But anyway snapped this on the way back.

When Did This Happen

14 Dec

…who knows.

I think perhaps…the day after halloween?

Whatevs. We headed to this secret top floor party at House of Blues. Totally awesome place…pretty lame peeps. So we took some photos and 86-ed that betch.

Then we headed over to the White Horse in Allston (why are we there so often you ask… we’re planning a super cool event there-pretty large space)

Unfortunately that place was not satisfying our jovial cravings so we headed over to The Model…and ran into some peeps we know!

This little lady below brought me much joy ^_^

sexy betch.

Hi My Name Is…

14 Dec

Asha Isabella.

And I haven’t posted in months.


I’ve been….busy. Not really but kind of.

I feel the need to recap.

Prepare for a MASSIVE photo story.

Here we go.

Grab your hats and fetch your cameras.


My birthday was October 29th and we had a FEAST at my apartment.

And mi madre came!

She’s gorg. I have more photos of the night and actual party but I’ll have to find those.

I feel like I should do a separate post for Halloween….but I won’t.

So Michael, Chantel, and I got all fancy the night before Halloween and headed to Caitlin’s

Where we caught up with a bunch of peeps from our graduating class…

Then we recycled those ensembles for Halloween…I mean it was only like 5 hours later.  Then we decided to head to Salem. Then became discouraged and headed to Trident on Newbury to have a nice fat meal….

Somehow I captured that photo…The camera may have gotten wet.

So of course we went thrifting in Allston in our costume glory and ended up getting some shot glasses, a classy suitcase and some vodka and headed to Copley to take shots in a totally public place…

Then we gallavanted…went back to my lace for some dranks and ended up at this Allston bar with horses involved.