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Hear Ye Hear Ye

10 Jan

Trying to set up a blind date for a friend. Make this easy please! If anyone knows a guy…LET ME KNOW!

like a…

OR A!!!!


My Looks

9 Jan

I haven’t done a style gallery in ages…. basically because I broke my baby…my love. Just dropped it one too many times.  In a mad rush I ran to Walmart and bought a cheapo cam just to hold me over.  I did not even pay any attention to the fact that I was purchasing a camera with no self timer and no video.  The salesperson was too consumed with my face to remember that little fact.

So. I have no self timer and no way to actually capture my daily looks without looking like a jackass taking a bunch of mirror shots.

All is not lost though…  I am doing the “look of the day” for The Boston Bazaar this week and I’ve finished my first two looks.  If you want to check out the full post click “fashion” on the site.

But here is tomorrow’s look:

I’m actually wearing a very similar ensemble right now. Except I have docs on.

We haven’t released this one yet…but since I love you dear dear blog, here is Tuesdays…

Better Dressed Partner?

9 Jan

Hmm… Well today whilst not working at work I was perusing facebook. I’m actually writing this post on my phone now whilst not working at work…anywho, the CFDA posted survey results for a recent Men’s Warehouse Survey that concluded 80% of women would give something in their life up for a better dressed partner.

Would I?


I always claim I don’t really care how my partner dresses. I don’t want some dirty ragamuffin but I’m not expecting them all to dress like Kanye either (though I’d love it). And I don’t know if I’d necessarily give up something in my life for a better dressed partner BUT a better dressed individual would definitely peek my fancy.

This is all strangely related to this man I thought I was falling in love with on the train yesterday. We kept sharing glances. I could see him staring when I looked away. He had a very unique face too but there was just something that didn’t do it for me. I concluded he was just too evidently old. I say it that way because some older guys (probably close to his age) look really good. IE Bradley Cooper. But then as I stared at him I realized that if he dressed well his advanced age would not really matter.

Ergo…On a typical day Jeremy Piven wouldn’t necessarily do it for me. BUT he’s typically a rather dapper man…that I would find myself gawking at on a train….Savvy?

Still Writing 2010 on Everything – ROCKY START

4 Jan

It’s 2011. I’m usually making some type of New Years Resolution, preparing for a new semester, excited to see the friends that I have been away from for a month, catching up with high school friends, sewing clothes, watching movies…yada yada ya.  Not a care in the world. Well…I’ve graduated so that fairy tale is long gone.  This is how I started my New Years.

I went home for a week the Wednesday before Christmas.  This Holiday left a burden in my pocket because I was not given vacation time.  I was just simply not paid to not work. Lovely.  So, I had very little money to use on gifts, especially because of that $703 rent check I wrote that month and my mother’s $400 birthday expenditures early in December.  I went home assuming NO ONE would get any gifts but fun-loving kindness and a few Christmas kisses.  Then I miraculously came across a random 100 bucks and headed to Burlington Coat Factory and got all types of glassware/dish sets/dorm room organization type of things for my dear relatives.  I was actually happy I had the extra money to spend and because I waited until Christmas Eve to do any shopping that $100 got me a ton!

Christmas was a lovely relaxing experience.  We watched movies, stuffed our faces, I got a ton of new things for my apartment.  Oh, but the lovely little Christmas gift that was waiting for me back in Boston.


No, you will not even believe it.

It’s some kind of ridiculous.


What? What do you mean? How is that possible? Broke much? Graduation sucks?

No. Not really.

Apparently one of my roommates had not paid rent in two months!


My other paying roommate was preparing for this massive LA move so she was posting ads, interviewing people and showing our apartment off for a couple of weeks.  She got this awesome fashion PR job out there, her dream job, and we were all excited to see her go.  Though I shit talked her a ton early on in our roommate relationship I grew fond of this gal, which happens rarely…seriously, I keep a small group of friends. So, she’ll be missed. Why am I telling you this, you ask?

BECAUSE We were getting evicted!  If we got evicted it would also f&*k her credit up and she was banking on this money this new roommate would pay to move out to LA and pay for her new rent.  Not only was her credit in the midst of being molested my godfather, who I had not been in contact with for SIX YEARS actually co-signed on this apartment (on the behalf of the non-paying roommate because she had no one), as well as my step father…credit – screwed.  Parent’s mortgage at jeopardy. What!

So, we could not let that happen. And let me tell you what a ridiculously stressful week that was.  LA roomie and I showed the apartment to some people.  I was on my best (non intimidating) behavior and the place was nice and clean.  We had to replace the non-paying roommate, pay the full $2050 balance by January 1st, and be sure the new people were about their money and had their rent before the 1st.  Gah.

My mother ended up bailing us out.  Needless to say, we are still out $1366 and I’m still waiting for new roommates checks to clear to send out January rent!  And hoping my personal funds can cover my ass for January. They will. x_x

Our apartment is owned by a huge corporation by the way…that does not give a damn about how many sob stories you have…They are about their money….as most capitalists are. Especially in the real world.

I was dealing with this issue, work and various other personal issues.  What’s the lesson here? Trust no one when it comes to large sums of money and if you live with someone YOU take responsibility for the money.  At the end of the day, who else can you trust.  Snatch those checks up a week in advance and send them out on time. Then remember in real life personal problems will not get you out of anything…this isn’t college.  I’m pretty sure accounts receivable may sympathize with the fact that you brother died in your home house fire (just an example – that did not happen) but they will EXPECT payment.  Things happen to everyone, people.  Really bad horrible things happen to other people but don’t drag a series of people down…especially when they’ve done a ton to help you out.

Hell, my godfather could have co-signed for me and I could have gone with a financially stable individual.  That’s my fault.  I need to be a better judge of character and smarter about money, especially when it comes to friends.

Well, Happy New Year! At least I still have an apartment to put all my christmas gifts in and a new girl from Chicago and some random BU grad guy as roommates.

Smack ya later,