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The End Is Here

23 Feb


Yes, finally the day has arrived.  This Friday will be my last day working at Suffolk Law School and while I have come to like SOME of my co-workers I am glad to bid adew.

Last Friday I was actually scheduled to come in at 7am just to open the door for some people from the Suffolk University Bookstore…then wait around for two hours…So, I sat at my boss’ desk and browsed’s fashion week shots then watched Arthur.  But then I decided I was overdue for a nap.  So, I grabbed some blankets and fell asleep on the floor.  Classy.

I got off at 4 that day and any normal individual would have probably gone home and just chillaxed but nope. I headed to the Buffalo Exchange in Davis where Michael sold a hoodrich watch we found on the street that was worth $200 but he only got $20 –_–. Life.

Then we scurried on over to the bonnwill to see if we could grab any happening finds.  No.  Not really.  But I did glide out of that place on a $4 scooter.  Yep, got a scooter and I scooted into a crepe shop, got a smoothie and scooted all the way home.  Only to quickly change. Head to Connor for a haircut. Then off to Michael’s friends house where we played a dance on xbox Kinect all night.  Crashed at Michael’s casa.  Left at 10 am to get home.  Went into this small mom and pops style grocery store by my apartment. Still a little tipsy from the night before I tripped in the door way and went falling in.  After laughing hysterically at myself I grabbed some tomato sauce, apple juice, and cereal.

Good combo.

Not really.

I’m just random.

Cleaned all day…only for my roomates to make monstrous messes.  Then my 20 year old niece came over, we had dinner and crashed.   The next day I was supposed to meet her at the Park Plaza to bum a ride home to my parents house with her school but I missed that bus so I went to South Station to hang out for two hours waiting for the Peter Pan bus.

Lovely trip.

Not really.

The driver kept giving me guff.  We hated eachother.  Honestly.

I went to my aunt’s bday party, stuffed my face, went home, watched movies and worked on business plans and websites all weekend.  Then I decided to take the 5am bus back to Boston on Tuesday and go straight to work.

You know what’s crazy? This is all irrelevant because whilst selling that hoodrich watch in Buffalo I got an email from this place I interviewed with back in December…then twice more in January finally hired me! It’s really up there on my dream jobs.  I’ve been stalking the company for about two years and when I saw a position posted I mailed in my resume and cover letter.  It was a new gesture.  I typically just email it but I think the whole old fashion way worked in my favor this time because I got a call back a couple of days later.  Unlike that first time I applied almost two years ago. I emailed and never heard back.


It’s primarily marketing with some editorial work for a book publishing company over on Beacon Hill.

I’m super secretive.

We’ll let you figure it out if you can.


I’m uber excited.  I start next Thursday.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Moral of the story > Mail your resumes and cover letters in.  And sign that cover letter with a real pen.  I think some of them like it better that way.

No Promises.

Sue me.

Smack ya later,



16 Feb


It’s been a while.

And oh do I have stories.

Like that one time I trekked through Newton and Brookline with my new roomate in snow up to my knees wearing men’s “riding” pants with tights and doc martens.  What for you ask? A fugly couch.  We ended up lost, walking on snow banks next to a highway and hitch hiking in the parking lot of Saks.  So, did you get the fugly couch? You ponder. Not that day, of course not.  Correct street. Wrong city.

Try Again. Next day…little 120 pound (I’m guessing) roomie and I carried this 8-ft couch into our second floor apartment.  You know, the one with the pain in the ass winding suitcase staircase (extra baggage on my mind apparently).


Then I head to Providence to go to a club last week.

I never do clubs.


We get man handled, thrown out of the club, and almost arrest arrested (why didn’t spell check catch this and why don’t I read before I hit publish – we’ll never know).


Yes.  We said no to some greasy guys in VIP and they gave us the boot.  A friend got a drink thrown on her by a jealous hoochie.  My other friend was grabbed by two boucers and thrown to the ground and dragged out while a midget lesbian tried to punch her in the face.  My other friend and I followed…so confused.  We get outside, my poor floor friend was talking to the cops. When they did nothing she got a little loud.  I tried to appease the situation and talk with him.  As I made a phone call I was literally lifted from where I stood and moved…by a pig man!!!! Peculiar.  If you know anything about me – you know I avoid drama, I’m always reasonable, and no individual should ever put their hands on me. 

So, I had a hot dog.

Collected my friends and we headed back to Boston for Chau Chows and ate late night Chinese food for free.

Moral of the story….NEVER go to Providence…And apparently Cameron and/or dipset was at the club that night.

Who? Exactly.


Isabella Louis has a fashion show coming up… April 1st to be exact. And I’ve started working on the collection. And by started I mean I have tossed out my sketches and started over…only to blast music while staring at images of Ancient Egypt and pin up girls and making no progress with new sketches.


Who knows.

I bought a bunch of patterns yesterday and only spent 5 bucks.

What is your inspiration for this collection?  How will you pull it off before April 1st when you haven’t started yet?  Will it be like your last? What’s your theme? Who’s your girl? Why now? When will I be able to buy it? How much will pieces be? Can I model for you?

Um. What?

I’ve gotten all of those questions.

I am still simultaneously working on Dollhouse.

I’m even deleting my Facebook account for a few months to cater to my business needs.

Oh, and I quit my job.  Once, I am officially gone I’ll let you guys know where I worked. But for now, just know I hated it.

Financial ambiguity, hello.

Later days.

I’ll blog more and take more pictures…I promise.  I have no way to share my life now that I am not on Facebook.

Love Love Love,