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It’s Isabella Louis Time

17 Mar

Updates: I stopped that master cleanse thing 4 days in… Had I committed to it today would have been my last day. And you do not understand how happy I am that I quit.  First of all, you don’t eat…its a damn fast and I was STARVING and no, not psychologically starving…I was on the verge of death.  And I had the NERVE to lose two cup sizes (bra) not that I’m complaining…I’ve been trying to get rid of these bad boys for years.  So here I am, a nice full D-cup and I am happy to share that with the world.

Moving on…

My new job is awesome… It pays for my life, I go in only a couple times a week and I have a TON of time for Isabella Louis, The Boston Bazaar, and the new event series Welcome to the Dollhouse.

Not that I have time for anything but Isabella Louis for the next two weeks.  Because, OF COURSE, I have waited until the absolute last second to get started on this monster.


Let’s break down my weekend expenses:
Fabric store numero uno – $289.07
Deux: $278.31 (but she was sure to let me know that I saved $22.10!!! WHOA big bucks)
Jewelry/craft shop (where I get all the tools and materials for all this fancy jewelry) – $150.80
Online order for some unique accessories pieces – $208.20
Walmart – for some hardware and storage thingies – $101.25

Total: $1027.63

Isn’t that just dandy.

Anywho…I have completely destroyed my living room and turned it into my studio space for the next two weeks.  What about your roommates, you ask?

eh. work comes first. They’ll understand…they’ll have to.

I finished what I think will be my favorite skirt yesterday.

I’m getting a little talented, I must say.  The inside of that skirt is damn near perfect. And for someone that taught themselves how to sew a year ago…I’ve got this.  Of course, this was followed by my failed attempt at hot pants…whoops – they came out wayyy too small.

Oh and I can’t find my camera battery so settle for mobile shots and learn to love it.

I also made a necklace and bracelet as I sat and watched Arthur (the 90s cartoon) and ate Raisin Brand Crunch.  That’s the best cereal I’ve ever had, by the way, and I have no idea why I never tried it before.

I’ll post the photos of the jewels momentarily.  My phone is being dreadfully slow.  “It’s vintage.”

Needless to say, the show is April 1st…basically two weeks away and I’m on outfit number 1…But I’ve got this.  I don’t drop a G for nothing.

I’m just saying.

Smack ya later,

WAIT – how could I forget to mention…This monstrous elastic I was trying to work with broke the needle on my sewing machine. I was freaking out…I have no idea how to fix these things.  I was livid that I didn’t just buy that sewing machine that was on clearance for $80 (the same as mine).  So I try to figure out how it goes back on and realize there’s a screw.  I call the hot guy upstairs and asks if he has a screw driver.  He has plenty…I go up with the machine and he whips that baby out and replaces the needle.  Apparently, we did not really need the screw driver.  So, now it just looks like I’m crying for attention.  But hey, I learned that he dated a fashion designer before and they moved in together and she made their room a studio mess! Guess we’re all alike.  Ran into the other roomie from upstairs on the way down.  He’s an interesting character… the most inquisitive individual I’ve ever come across and he machine gunned questions at us about the line.  Michael ended up laughing in his face because we’ve talked about how inquisitive he is… but he simply responded “What’s funny?”

Anywho, he wanted to check us out so I left the door open as he brought his bike upstairs.  Other hot roomie just popped in then Sir Asks A lot stopped by.  Cool bunch they are.



10 Day Detox

6 Mar


So a few weeks ago I went public about my Facebook deactivation and I have finally deactivated my account.  It is just for a month or two as I get through the busiest time of my year.  The Isabella Louis fashion show, the first series of Treated events (Welcome to the Dollhouse), and my 10 day detox are all coming up FAST.

I’ve decided to do a 10 day Master Cleanse for a couple of reasons.  1. To completely clean out my system.  I have been eating CRAP this past year and I just want to get rid of the waste and start fresh.  I don’t want heavy, greasy, unhealthy food to be a part of my life anymore.  Especially since I have learned to cook and realize healthy food can taste just as great.  So after this detox it will be all about fresh fruits, veggies, organic, and tasty yum yum treats.  Now don’t get me wrong…I’ll still be eating all the steak and seafood I want.  I just don’t want to consume food that has just as much toxic waste as tap water. (I HATE tap water by the way.)

2. Yes, I want to drop a ton of water weight.  I’m re-commiting to my cardio yoga routines and beginning to run…so I can look cute in all my summer outfit ideas.  Yes, so dropping pounds is a part.  By shedding off some water weight in the beginning it will totally keep me inspired to keep up the good work ;).

3. I need some self control.  If I can commit to a 10 day detox without giving up or cheating I am on the path of greatness.

So, I went to Star Market to get all of the ingredients but hey guess what?! They didn’t have any of them.  For some reason I thought Star Market would carry all the handy dandy organic things I needed but FAIL. I bought a 24 pack of Aquafina instead and had to lug that monster up the hill to my apartment.

Of course, I then headed over to Whole Foods.  They had everything… you know that $19 organic grade B maple syrup (ugh), the organic lemons, the organic cayenne pepper, and the organic sea salt.  So that was a bit of a hit to my pocket…plus the salmon I decided to have as my last meal…a nifty little 50 bucks.  After an expensive weekend I though the five ingredients for this thing would be cheap…. 20 bucks cheap.  Negative.

I came home and cooked an amazing meal because during this 10 days I eat nothing but the stuff for the detox.  Then I made the drink…GROSS.   I thought it would be a bland lemonade but noooo…it is quite disgusting.

So for the next 10 days I get to drink this disgusting concoction for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack with a crap load of water and natural teas.  Oh dear dear master cleanse.  I guess we’ll see how this goes.