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Style Diary – Say What!?!

20 Apr

Bloody Hell its been a while.

Not perfect…Still no self timer. But we shall live.

May be getting out of hand.


What I’m Listening to – Discovery: So Insane

15 Apr

I know I’ve neglected this blog AGAIN. I’ve got commitment issues.  But I have been going wild on my Tumblr so if you haven’t been there in ages please check it out! And Follow!

But ANYWHO…This is supposed to be about what I’m jamming to in my office right now.


So Insane.

What I’m Listening To – The XX: Nighttime

7 Apr


6 Apr

I’ve decided to do a quicky post because the amount of neglect I have shown this poor poor blog is saddening.  Last time we chatted I was preparing for the Isabella Louis show at Emmanuel College…that went well by the way.  And I have a ton of photos to upload and share but I just don’t have time right now.  The fashion show aftermath is always as equally time consuming as completing a collection in two weeks.

Fun News:

Casting director from Project Runway contacted me about trying out for season 9… which I strongly considered until I remembered –> “Hey Asha, you can’t really sew!”  Sure I’m fast, I’m creative, and not to burst my own bubble…pretty damn good.  But I manipulate patterns, I haven’t quite learned to sew from scratch yet.  So, this year I will be taking every class I can and practicing practicing practicing to perfect my craft.  Needless to say, I’ve been reading a ton of sewing books and I have already learned new techniques.

Apparently, there is a similar design based show coming out on NBC but for similar reasons I may have to pass on that one too.

I was interviewed by a journalist for the Northeastern paper about Dollhouse…which I am STILL working on.

I have spent the past few days gathering pricing/fabric information for this last collection and some new Isabella Louis pieces we’ll be releasing this spring. And figuring out order requirements and prices for shops.

I’ve been looking at different manufacturing outlets for the collection because, of course, I have been in contact with a few places that want to carry the line.

AND OF COURSE…there is The Boston Bazaar…I really try to stay on top of that beast but look at all of this.  So, I am trying to squeeze in some time to interview the 127 applicants that have applied!!!

I am in desperate need of an assistant…preferably one that can sew or wants to learn how to.  And one that can multitask and prioritize like a MONSTER… oh, and of course one that’s looking for a resume builder and experience in the field rather than a check every week 😉

I’m not blonde by the way.  I was in a costume shop looking for some feathers for the show when I saw miss whitey wig staring at me from the corner of the store. Had to have her! Oh, and if you happen to be wondering how I found time to take all these blondie photos…they were taken and uploaded before my time management skills were tested.


Catch ya later…hopefully soon.