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31 May

But geez. I love this. Made this last week for the event page. That’s Megan and Andy took the photo. Cry me a river. “Welcome to the Dollhouse” is going down June 21st! You better be there.



31 May

Hey Loser,
Noo…jk. I loves ya long time…you know this.

I’ve recently come to the realization that I have completely lost direction/purpose for this blog.  This does not mean I’m deleting it…I just need to refocus. And I thank you for sticking through the disarray with me.

I seem to have been doing a lot of “diary” pieces, which I guess are okay but really… really?

Then I also promote The Boston Bazaar every single time I get a chance. (DOE…did it again) Which I know is probably also annoying..but hey I love it!

So in order to find purpose I must figure out what I’m good at that will intrigue all you fancies.  I mean I have a million blogs (or so it feels) but (what blogs? TumblrThe Boston Bazaar’sStreet Style [I’m working on it’)   I want this one to be special.

So what can i do…


Writing this as I think…

I should probably still write about my journey through life. I’ll be sure to make short and sweet posts.

I definitely have to always be narcissistic.  So hey…

But I can also sew… Maybe I’ll do DIY tutorials on how to make awesome shirts, skirts, turbans…shorts, etc in 15min or less. I’m rad. Totally just thought of that.

hmm…what else.

I do yoga. Do you guys care…maybe. I could totally teach you Yoga….Maybe? No? We’ll think about it.

I can plan events and talk people into giving me stuff for free. Is that a talent? Yea, totally. Maybe. probably not. Hmm…

We can definitely make jewelry together.

Maybe I’ll do some video posts on jewelry and clothes making.

Maybe I’ll teach you how to cook and be self sufficient after college (I’m still not whoopsies).

Maybe I’ll be an extra on a movie set this summer and get a ton of embarrassing photos on my new iPhone. (damn I can’t stop advertising).

And perhaps, I will definitely keep up with my style diary. Like today! I’m wearing this rad vest I made last night in an awesome summer print and I need to share this!

Okay, so what have we decided on? Some DIY on clothes and Jewelry including video posts, tips from me on how to create a badass event, my life’s lessons on living in this rad world (let’s throw some Yoga postures in there), and wherever else my summer takes me.

We’ll have a blast.

Don’t be surprised if my blog layout and categories begin awkwardly changing as I try to find the perfect fit.


Smack ya later,
(hit me up on Facebook and tell me what you think – Facebook thingie over there —>)

My Summer Work Out

2 May

Primero de Mayo

2 May

I don’t speak Spanish but my calendar says it.


We had an interesting Primero de Mayo yesterday with the announcement that Osama Bin Laden was killed by US forces.


Not that I was watching Fox News…I googled that.

I was actually watching Brothers and Sisters – a show I have not watched since the pilot episode that was interrupted by breaking news.  Of course, my heart began to race because what could they possibly be interrupting Brothers and Sisters for on this late Sunday night…”Osama Bin Laden has been killed.”  And I don’t know if it was my dreary fatigue or complete deafening idiocy but I thought they said Obama for a whole 43 seconds or so.  Especially because Mr. News Anchor did not repeat what he said…he continued talking and I was involuntarily deafened by this strange bout of emotions I was feeling thinking our president was dead.  I didn’t think I would feel that emotional but honestly in that whole 52 seconds I had at least 148 thoughts (one being “Oh my goodness, he’s supposed to be on Oprah this week” – I know I’m sick).

So anyway, when I finally realized he said Osama and not Obama I was immediately struck with everlasting fear thinking “Oh my gosh, they are about to tear our nation up and play in our ashes.”  They are giving immense credit to this man for really shaking our country up – fueling a war that has killed hundreds of thousands…billions (trillion?) of dollars.  I mean I can only get about 400 page views a day and I’ve got THOUSANDS of followers… how MANY must he have and how livid must they be.  I’ve been politically distant and I’ve had mixed emotions on how I think Obama is doing as a president and in that moment I thought they said he was killed I was filled with sorrow and a deep deeply rooted rage at the audacity of someone thinking they could do this to the leader of the United States of America… my politically distant ass felt a rage only a mere atomic fraction of what these devout Osama minions must be feeling and the vast numbers of collective anger they must have.

God bless our country.  Especially because right now it feels like a strange calm before the storm.  I watched the news as people screamed, cried, laughed, and celebrated the death of a man.  We, one of the most civilized countries on the earth (or so we claim), would have cheered and celebrated had they even shown his slow torture on television.

A woman phoned into the news last night.  I didn’t catch her name because I was perusing tumblr and facebook as people responded to this news.  Having lost someone very close to her during 9/11, she brought up that this is not a celebration – this will not bring her loved one back, it’s just forcing her to relive the moment.

I could not really bring myself to cheer for this feat because we have allowed one man to take credit for the destruction of so many lives, one man to be the cause of sending hundreds of thousands to deathly war and to cause who knows how many more deaths, and one man to really strip us of our humanity while celebrating the death of an individual.  While you can be sure a psychotic hate for our country allowed them to cheer as they watched our nation burn that horrible day, its fueled by the same HATE that enables this to be a happy day.

I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve what he got, while that’s not my judgement to make… but hey… “That’s what he gets.”  He does not deserve to live his life when he’s been a part of a movement that has killed so many.  But its a bitter sweetness.  It highlights how the most God-fearing, good hearted, scrupulous…compassionate, benevolent… hell, just kind people could be even silently over joyous at the death of a man… no matter what form of beast he is.  The fact that the best of us are capable of such hate is disconcerting, to say the least.  We’ve empowered him with our hate…our fear and as we go to class, or punch in at work, or drop our kids off at school… we think we can just move on.  But like I said there’s a strange calmness today as our twitter and facebook feeds go back to the narcissistic manner in which we are comfortable… I think the future of what ever may be is going to truly bring out the ugliest side of mankind and it’s really going to rattle our comfort.


Might I add the amount of Jokes, Profits and Platitudes that came from this news…  I mean, of course our feeds were erupted with the news, many people joining the active discussion.. but there were countless pages created, one that stood out to me was “Osama is Dead,” created by some teenager who has removed herself as the page admin.  While gaining over 40,000 page likes within that first hour of this announcement she made statuses about the fact that other people were creating pages and how this page was the first she went on to say  “everybody tryna start a page now…and got the nerve to share it on here. TOO LATE! try again next time.” The creation of some of these pages and many of the status updates were fueled by a desire to be the first to break this new to friends and followers.  Then, if that is not enough, there are countless twitter updates hashtagging the “Osamadead” trend that link back to blogs or facebook pages.  Almost every “Osama is Dead” page I’ve come across links to a page, product, or blog that has nothing to do with the event.  The majority of these links to blogs etc are not aimed at voicing their opinion about this event or about anything in relation… People are beginning to use this colossal news story to attract a following in which they can do a bit of self promotion.  Even “Google updates its Maps to show the location where bin Laden was killed” (gigaom).

I do not even have enough time to bring up the amount of Tumblr jokes that were posted.

The Birds Outside My Window are Rebellious

2 May

Just saying.

Hi Hi.

I am currently putting off writing this thing for this event that’s happening.  Wow, I don’t even feel like writing it in a blog post.

So I’ve finally set a date for The Boston Bazaar’s Welcome to the Dollhouse event – June 21st and I’m beginning a whole new marketing campaign.  The whole concept for the night is to create this living, breathing blog…where you can shop – a Dollhouse… a fashion Dollhouse anyway.  So we’ll have images gathered by our favorite bloggers and photographers, we’ll have a room full of bloggers – cameras ready.  They’ll be pretty little drinks and food treats.  Stores and clothing labels will be set up and selling.  We’ll be giving out free Dollhouse bags so you can shop and checking them for you so you can dance.  The photo booth will be tons of fun.  And the music! Let’s just say there’s no other Boston party doing anything close.

We have a little over a month to shape this into something really magical and something extremely awesome to spend our summer nights doing.  I mean, when I go out, especially if there is a cover I like a little more than greased up slimeballs, sticky floors and beer on my shoes.

Let’s break this story up with some photos!

Photo: Andrew Dillon
Model: Meg Noble
Styled by Asha Isabella

So I spent Saturday afternoon with Megan doing some hair and makeup and shooting with photographer Andrew Dillon…On my roof and basement, of course.

These are going to be for some Dollhouse promo… I’m not entirely random.

Where do I go from here?

We have several video shoots coming up.  I need to find our next Dollhouse “poster girl” to do some shooting with for promo stuff.  I need the press to respond to the press releases I spent all of Friday writing and sending out.  And just really spread the word about Dollhouse.


In the words of the wise.

Lez do it…

Smack ya later,