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Google Street View

28 Jun

So apparently those awesome little images we see on Google maps are created by these weird little Google vehicles that have a 360 camera hooked up to this ridiculous two foot post on top of the car.  How do I know this, you ask? As I took a detour down Beacon Hill to my car after work this absurd little vehicle passed me taking photos…so now, there will not be some random jogging lady in grey walking down the street as per usual with Google maps…nope.  Now over on Beacon Hill there will be this…

well…not a headshot…just sayin’

Okay…now back to working on my DIY

OK, so I haven’t started yet.

I ate a beef patty, made some lemonade and watched The Big C.

ok, I’ll get to it.


DIY Coming!

28 Jun

So..Inspired by these random sketches I’ve just realized I’ve littered my work notepad with, I am going to rush home to do a DIY on a frock…or mini skirt, depending on what fabric I have left.

So I will get home…teach you guys how to make a skirt or frock and hopefully photograph and post the final piece on the site for sale.

And although I love LOVE you guys, I already promised Isabella Louis’ tumblr followers I’d make it for sale just for them.  So most likely, unless you have the tumblr code (which you can tot. get off the blog) you won’t see the piece.

Since we’re on the subject of Tumblr, I added Isabella Louis YESTERDAY and it already has twice as many followers as me.  Is it weird that I’m kind of jealous even though they are both me.  I mean, check it out, but the Isabella Louis page just has the photos I’ve been uploading to my own blog and a photo of my legs…

But then again, I’m also extremely proud because it is my work and people have had nothing but good things to say about it.  It has also attracted a ton of traffic to the shop.

Love ya always,

ps… peep the page: Isabella Louis Tumblr

More and More and More

25 Jun

I released their names on their blog: from left to right – Sydney, Cameron, Graham, and Veronica.  I also wrote the full story for the feather skirt so check it out!

So far, Veronica is clearly my favorite. I already have her entire wardrobe out.  Sydney, on the other hand, I have to really dig around the old collection for.  I want Isabella Louis to represent these two extremes – she’ll definitely be more preppy, more 50s retro inspired… she’s more apt to wrap a scarf around her neck and wear a 50s inspired bustier with a poodle skirt-esque bottom.  She’s got a bit of a different background than Veronica, appreciates low key wine tastings, ballets, museums… Veronica can be more LA inspired with a serious rock edge…she likes surfing, parties, late night roof picnics, loud music, and an obsession with Jeffrey Campbell.  Now the guys, seeing how IL doesn’t have a menswear collection that’ll be interesting.

I also put a little black dress up for sale…

She’s a size large and $15: Buy Her!

Think that’s all for now…still taking photos.


Jeffrey, My Darling

24 Jun

Have we gone over my obsession with Jeffrey Campbell shoes? No, I don’t think we have.

Honestly, every spare penny I get needs to go towards my Jeffrey Campbell fund because I NEED to own all of these…

Oh and Matiko…because I LOVE these.

And I need to own them exactly in that order.

My Daughter!

24 Jun

…I don’t have a kid.

I don’t really like kids.

Except for my nephews!

There’s one…GAH, I love him! And he has these precious grey eyes that I can never get in photos.

Seriously…when I’m feeling some sort of way…angry or sad – I look at this precious baby and I’m all better.

But anyway, I have finally posted the IL studded and spiked blazer that I have just kept all to myself for the past two years.  People inquire, I offer to make custom ones but I have NEVER created two of the same.  So, while I’m still not making them completely identical the blazer is now up for sale and on sale at a 35%off – summer price!

I may have also been so stingy because I never actually made this jacket for the colleciton…just something I wanted to wear. I made a watered down version for the collection which is a bit odd…but HEY, whatevs…It’s up now.

She Sells!…sea shells by the sea shore

24 Jun

I mean honestly, who could say those two words without uttering the full blasted statement.

I’ve realized my blog makes me sound more chipper than I really am…honestly, I’m a miserable bastard and I’d jump off a bridge if I wasn’t so busy. NO NO, just joking…~_~ I guess.

But really, my finances are extremely screw-bally…  Like I’ve acquired all this debt from this pain in the ass four year institution that I honestly probably didn’t really learn anything from…except how to really express my rhetoric and maybe spar a bit every time I talk about capitalism…oh and where to submit a short story…didn’t learn how to start a business, did that on my own..didn’t really learn to write… this is why I’m excited for business school – I think it will challenge me to the point where I’m not bored to tears (resulting in slacking) and I will actually learn beneficial things.

And besides that debt…for the first time in my life I’ve got bills! What…like rent, cable, electric, gas…this is absurd…nevermind my need to eat and dress. I can’t afford it…I just cannot afford it. Especially when I begin paying out of pocket for Boston Bazaar events and expenses…ALL BY MYSELF.

Well, I’ve started selling clothes…Now they are not alll mine, the majority of them I have acquired from shoots or random failed Boston Bazaar projects…nonetheless, you all saw that dreadful photo of my closet. I really need to make some room…and apart from that, I’ve got stuff in the hall closet, in suitcases under my bed…In these pretty decorative suitcases on my walls…just all over.

So, of course we now have a vintage section on The Boston Bazaar. I thought of making an etsy shop buuut…maybe later. Sizes really vary from 0 (xs) to XL and between men and women.  Here are the firsts.

80’s Print Zip up: $48

Black Tutu – $25

Gah…one of my favs that I’ve never worn! $37

Did some serious research on this buggar and he’s sooo old! He was made at this old department store created in the 1800 and this actual jacket was made some time between 1930-1961. I know that’s a huge time span but come on…the 1800!! Really!?

These are extremely small…only our thinnest model has fit them. Size 0-2

Pink Bustier…not really vintage but sooo 80’s! Love it: doesn’t fit me though..I’m a little too busty $13

I just picked this up on day because it was so fun…Not my size but eh… $27.

As I add them, you can check out

My Day Off!

24 Jun

WordPress looks weeeeird right now. hmm, I smell updates soon to come?

Anyway…I think I might have ADD…

On to the topic of this post.

Today is my day off…My Boston Bazaar and Beacon day off – on this glorious day off I should be writing that novel I’m working on…You know…the one I had the short story version published in the Battered Suitcase… You forgot, didn’t you.


Well it came out June 1st so Here! and HERE…I’m on page 127. (there’s a “read free online” version btw).

Back to my story!

Geez, you guys have attention deficit issues.

So, on my day off I still haven’t gotten to writing or at least cleaning my room.  I went grocery shopping. There was a ridiculous accident in the Trader Joes parking lot (should have taken a photo) which a ton of people stopped to stare at. It took 2 fire trucks and several police cruisers…urm, there was just one car that had driven over some type of floral structure and was now stuck about a foot in the air… get a life people…seriously.

I digress…

The moral of this whole story is – I’ve been working on The Boston Bazaar website, because I still haven’t taken the old Dollhouse stuff down and I added a few new pieces to the IL shop.  Oh, and of course, I took 15 minutes to photograph those mannequins from the last post.

I’ve also started a schedule for this DIY Fridays (or Thursdays) thing that I’ll be doing on The Boston Bazaar. Of course, I’ll be sharing them here, because I’m making them for this blog but I figured it would be cool to post over there too.  We’ll do turbans, crop tops, spike bracelets, studded boots, summer dresses, bangles, cuffs, rings etc just to start. Haven’t decided the exact date yet.  They will definitely not occur every week, more so, biweekly because we all know I cannot commit to a DIY post every week.

Who do you think I am….the pope?

Here’s some new stuff.

Isabella Louis Oversized Gun Metal Shoulder Chain: $35.90

Isabella Louis Spiked Bracelet: $27.80

There ya go…

Chip Chip Cheerio.