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Whoa There Now

28 Jul

I always feel the need to recap my life…

Well I ended up going back on set for the movie Ted, which I can’t even blog about or it’ll rock the boat on the peaceful relationship I have with the casting agency (I totally took pictures). I actually liked the group of peeps I met there. At one point after playing hours of The Mob (an awesome card game…it may have also been called mafia – no clue) and Taboo we ended up in a truth circle where everyone told some of their deepest darkest secrets. And of course, I kept my little mouth shut but this was undoubtedly one of the most…interesting groups of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending some 30 odd hours together with.

Justin (my new movie pal) and I went to the Allston DIY fest on Saturday. We didn’t stay to long because apparently we were both quietly fantasizing about hot dogs and Spikes. The second I said something we had an “OH EMM GERR, you too?!?!?” moment so we left. Never mind the fact that it was like 100 degrees and my makeup was turning into mush. We also ran into a blogger I follow on the way out. It always baffles me when I recognize them because half the time I walk by never knowing a thing until we somehow meet again.

We went to the Haunted Casino that night…which I never heard of. But I’m pretty sure we time traveled to the 90s and ended up at some type of 90s band show/house party. It was cool, ran into a few peeps I know, liked the band that I got to see…but the best part was the walk home. Definitely hung out on the little road island in the middle of Brighton Ave, you know, across from The Big City. We sat there getting honked at and stared down my creeper cabbies while people watching and making fun of people in cars.

It was almost day light so we decided to head back to my place to watch the sun rise on the roof. On the way there we somehow ended up sexually assaulting a vespa and stealing a pair of shades from it before running up the hill like we robbed a bank, laughing all the way. Back at my place we stared at the stars, noticed one moving, too slow to be a shooting star but definitely moving. Aliens.

So, morning came. Literally daylight came but we never saw the sunrise. The sun was no where to be seen… it was just day time. We still don’t know where the bastard was, especially because we were on a roof. But we gave up and went down.

Then I watched Mean Girls.

I totally thought my new crush was going to be at that party but I read wrong and he was at another one.




What I’m Listening to: Helena Beat

26 Jul

Because I’m obsessed with Foster the People…it’s really unhealthy

DIY Printed Bangles

25 Jul


And it came with some work and frustration.

I had to re-record it three times…and by the final take I was tired and sooo over it.

Here’s the super choppy first DIY post…the rest will be better…promise.


New IL Bracelets

21 Jul

And a DIY coming tonight.

Made those babies last night while catching up on Drop Dead Diva and Design Star.  I am going to be selling some Isabella Louis pieces at the next DOLLHOUSE (which is August 7th btw) and I wanted to make some easy things. So I grabbed some old bangles and made them perttty.

A lot of you probably recognize the prints.

Needless to say I need to go print shopping. Maybe today after work. YES! Today after work.

I digress…so, the small ones with all the green will be sold in threes and the larger bangles and cuffs by themselves.  I haven’t quite figured out prices because I need to decide where Ill get my materials from, other than the scrap fabric and old jewelry I have laying around The Factory.

BTW my apartment is my studio. My studio is The Factory.

No Wahaaay

12 Jul

So, I haven’t gotten around to that DIY. The day will soon come but this time I have honestly been busy.

I snagged this photo for you guys even though I totally was not supposed to.  Well, I didn’t hear the “no photos” speech until a day later.  And its also nothing special…just a bit of visual to go along with my story.

So I got this phone call on Wednesday…right in the middle of a Boston Bazaar work day.  Kristin and I were blogging and making arrangements for the fall issue and the next Dollhouse when this friendly lady calls me and asks if I am available to come on the Ted movie set (with Mark Walberg dirceted by Seth Mcfarlane) to be an extra. Uh, I looked down at the hideous pajamas I was in and then at the reflection of my hair in my computer screen and said…

“Yes! of Course. I’ll be there in 10.”

Then I realized how atrocious I looked and corrected myself, “I am actually driving back to Boston now and can be there in an hour.”

Little miss put me on hold to see if they could wait that long, “sure,” she said, “get here as soon as you can and give me a ring so we can get a van to take you to set.”

So, of course, this is my first time doing this but it was on my bucket list. BTW my bucket list is leading up to the age 24, somehow I’ve convinced myself that it will all be over by age 24.  So I rush to my room, try to make sense of my hair, throw on the closest skirt to me, grab a shirt out of my hair chair (haha proof reading), begin brushing my teeth, put my lashes on, stuff any articles of clothing I can reach in my bag, throw my boots in the mix, apply some foundation, apply eyeliner (only to one eye), rinse my mouth, put in contacts, eat an apple……..that took a while, rush rush rush and head out the door in a record 20 minutes.  If you could see my hair, you would understand what a miracle that was.  I also threw in a fishbone braid for shits and giggles.

We get there! Nothing about that process matters until we get to wardrobe, a trailer….

and this cutie patootie Gavin comes out to check us out.  I watch him dissect ensembles and make people change…then me…oh dear dear me.  My 5’9 frame in 5 inch heels a super duper short IL mini, a band T tied at the waste, an electric blue Jones New York blazer with an IL shoulder chain… He made me change my shirt (no logos allowed) and take off the shoulder chain because I was… “too cool” and I quote him.

This outfit…minus the hood.

The next important part was hair…what the hell could this precious little woman do to tame this beast. Nothing. She left it alone. Attempted to make it a little neat and sent me about. Called it “striking” actually. Had my makeup done. And stood around.

Got to meet Mark Walberg (such a shortie!)Had to force my trembling hand to leave the phone in my skirt band and NOT take any photos.  I actually gave him stink eye when I tripped for the 50th time that day and he seemed to be the only person who noticed.   He’s also extremely intense…arched brows and all.And I stared at Seth Mcfarlane until he glanced back only wishing he would do the high pitched Stewie laugh.

I got pushed and pulled all around that set…being too tall or too visually loud I was often shoved into a corner because I was standing out too much.  Then the sweetie pie PA told me that everyone was talking about how “striking” (there that word goes again) I was.

“And by everyone you mean???”


So I still have no idea who. But it was recommended I go to castings and get out of extra work.  If only they all knew, I’ve never made any type of futile acting attempts ever…Never even took a drama class.  Though, I am a writer and have a sick ability to get into character, I’m pretty sure I can’t do that out loud.

So the first day ended 8 hours later and the second 15 hours.  I approached Sir Gavin, 1. because he looked so friggin cute that day and 2. I want to work wardrobe.  He told me about this movie they’re going to be filming next with RYAN REYNOLDS and gave me some contact info. He asked for a few of my cards and I bid adeu.  But I didn’t get his number!!!

How did that happen. I honestly didn’t even get his name. I had to ask super sweet PA girl on the way out.  I also suck with names…ergo “super sweet PA girl.”

But honestly, the majority of the time we’re sitting in this huge HOT room bored to tears.  But I did meet a ton of cool peep and made a cool new friend Justin…who blogs! And some new facebook friends…

Prince Charming was there…

…not really.  Though, I must admit, I do often run into animated fairy tale characters.

Well I had to work the next day at 9 and I was completely delirious and I got a call yesterday that they may have to re-shoot the scene. We’ll see.

Later days,