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Boy Crazy and the Curse of Seven Days

30 Aug

Boy boy crazy…

Let’s rephrase and say men.

I’ve always been a little boy crazy and contrary to popular belief it has lead to a lack of relationships rather than an abundance.  You see, as a teen, and tween I suppose, I always had a plethora of crushes and when it came to dating years that translated into borderline romance ADD.  I would totally be head over heels for a guy one week and about seven days later my eyes had drifted.  Literally seven days.  My friends and I all made a joke about it.  So, actually getting into a relationship was difficult because it went like this.

day 1: OH EM GERR, look at him…I love him!
day 2: deciding whether or not to tell my friends.
day 3: caving and telling EVERYONE
day 4: getting his attention
day 5: phone conversation
day 6: let’s hang out
day 7: you’re awesome. Go home and run into super hot kid Anthony that lives next door. Repeat cycle.

Then once I got to college and broke up with my boyfriend (I’m positive it only lasted as long as it did because it was long distance and every time I saw him it seemed new again).  After that relationship I realized crushes occurred for much longer and the chase was a little more fun…but the moment the chase was over or the moment they very obviously showed some serious interest, seven days later I would be totally over them!


There was one guy I chase for months (years?) it was sick actually. And by chase I don’t necessarily mean pursue.  I watched from afar for a while, facebook stalked a bit, then somehow made acquaintance and was just super awkward around him. But then, all of a sudden I could feel his spiking interest and my two year crush was over.


How’s dating now? You ask…

Not too sure. I haven’t found many to really peak my fancy. I don’t even know where to find the buggars…its like they’re hiding. Or, I just don’t get out much. Probably the latter. I really need to start riding the train again…

Anywho…where are the photos, right? These are the actors I am absolutely obsessed over. And my taste in men is all over the place. But seriously. I die. Anyone else have these relationship quarrels…does this mean I may have an inability to commit?!?! Maybe I should just try an adult relationship.

Oh, and that’s another thing. I can be extremely committed…if someone has grabbed my attention enough for a relationship…I’m theirs…no wandering eye, no desire for anyone else. Its just the getting to the relationship part that’s a bit impossible for me…seeing how my interest fades so quickly.

Chadd Smith…he’s a dancer actually but he was in Step Up 3 so that counts. And I totally fast forwarded through every part of that movie that did not involve dancing.

Blair Reford could easily be the man of my dreams. He plays in ABC’s The Lying Game and I always fall in love with whatever character he plays so I must totally love him!

Ian Anthony Dale…from the event. So hot. Fighting crime. Gah!

Cam Gigandet…we all know my sick obsession with him.

Becks! Athletes count.

Forget his name but he’s a model. He’s got a pseudo sexy H&M commercial out right now.

Shemar Moore (isn’t aging) Anyone else watch Criminal Minds just so you can see him everyday!?!

And Chris Fisher…Who I can’t seem to find much information on. Australian?!?! Oh God, how I love them.  He’s from South Africa!!

And oh how the list goes on.

Just found Chris Fisher on Facebook??? Friend Requested and will be stalked. Lol jk…

Kind of.

Smack ya later…byee


Oh Newbs

25 Aug

My day on Newbury Street yesterday consisted of getting a job at a shoe store (Steve Madden), breaking a heel, smoothies, getting cursed by a monk, becoming a stoop kid, and relentlessly scratching bug bites.

But that all happened after I went into Jack Wills.

Walk with me, if you will…

If you haven’t been to the 3 story Brit store get there now! It’s so awesome. No, I didn’t buy anything (it wasn’t a shopping day) but I fell in love with everything. Ok, to be quite honest, I’m not too sure I even saw the clothes…I was blinded by how AWESOME the store was. And I’ll say it again…awesome. And of course, I’m obsessed with Union Jack…I have a huge one on my wall.

See it there behind little miss…

But anyway… clearly we were private shoppers and had the store to ourselves to play in.  I do plan on returning, even if it is just for the pillow cases and to play on the Mac in the basement.

Oh, and of course, I asked what they were doing for FNO because how awesome would an event be in that space…………

None of them even knew what I was talking about —–_________——-

Smack ya later,
And get to Jack Wills

What I’m Listening to: Sail by Awolnation

25 Aug

A bit of Awolnation for that morning drive….Yes, that was me blasting this song as I drove down Beacon St this morning.

Such a serious song…did he say “kill myself”??? Trust me, I’m not suicidal. Its a shame I don’t always listen to lyrics. And that’s the first time I’ve ever watched the video, but it slowed me down and made me listen. I definitely love the beat and his voice and those two distracted me. But seriously…minus the pseudo emotional lyrics this needs to play every time I enter a room.

My Steve Madden Wish List

23 Aug

I never go in Steve Madden…its like I completely forget its there. But my bestie Shasa was in town from DC last week so we hit up newbs and ended up at Steve Madden.  Much to my surprise there was MUCH to desire.

And that’s why I have an interview there tomorrow afternoon :D. I mean, I can make my own clothes…and jewelry…and other awesome sh** but shoes, man…always have to spend on shoes. It makes sense to work there.


That Age

21 Aug

“If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one.”

Gosh, I’m a romantic. Have I hit that age…where marriage and babies somehow make their way into my thoughts?


But lately.

Oh that phrase…”but lately”

Seriously though, but lately there’s something different.  I write this as I watch Something Borrowed (I’ve been a little extreme on the romance movies..geez it just ended, starting it again).  I’ve been very….very much in love lately.  Who’s the lucky guy, right? That’s just it…there is no guy.  I’m not even sure its romantic love, but I am overwhelmingly in love.  I smile at couples displaying way too much pda. I pet puppies. I let babies grab my fingers and smile at them. I think of London and I could cry.  I mean, I’m going through an extremely stressful moment in my life but I could not be any more in love.  Well, its a bit helpful with where I’m at on that book I’ve been writing.

It’s more fun to talk about romantic love, so here we go.

Relationships have always frightened me.  And I don’t mean make me slightly nervous…I mean absolutely scare the sh*t out of me and sometimes I would feel a sense of entitlement and think I really want one only to find myself almost despising the person a few days later. Anyone else every feel that? It’s like ‘look, I should have the title…this should be a relationship’ but I honestly think I was just subconsciously yearning for a change and I always ignored that the change was probably giving them the boot.

BUT, I’ve done everything I possibly could to stay OUT of a relationship…practically my whole life.  I really don’t know why and I’m feeling odd lately because I’m starting to feel the opposite.

I don’t know why. Maybe someday I’ll figure it all out but this quote from the movie Adam has resonated (dammit comcast screw up…it won’t play Something Borrowed again). Anyway, this quote: “feeling loved is important, but loving, that’s the necessity.”

I used to always think the opposite. I constantly fell for flattery but now I have an overwhelming desire to get to know someone. To learn all about them and love them for it. I want to meet someone that I’m genuinely interested in wanting to know more…someone nothing like me so there can be a lot to learn.  Someone who I’ll have questions to ask. Someone who I will grow excited at the thought of someday falling for.

…Someone I can eat my cheese with.


Turban Tying!

19 Aug

Hoorah. Made a video this morning about tying turbans. I’m getting the hang of this video thing… even though I’m recording on a mini notebook with a web cam that has relatively horrible quality. No worries, you can still see/hear what you need to.

Asha Isabella – Tying a Turban from Asha Isabella on Vimeo.

1. Start off with your fabric. There are fabrics that are better than others for this type of thing and there are certain measurements that make it look better. So, here I am plugging my own turban prints that you can get on The Boston Bazaar or in the etsy shop.

2. Fold that baby diagonally so it is shaped like a triangle

3. With the tip facing forward bring the sides in front.

4. Twist.

5. Tie in back.

6. Tuck all excess fabric.

7. Voila.

Send me pics if you want!


15 Aug

You are not going to complain about the bad cell shot but I wanted to introduce you to the wall in my room that I stare at most. Not because I’m a lunatic but because that’s where the TV is and I’ve got a criminal minds obsession.

Those are the etsy pieces.

And if you want to keep up with my efforts on trying to get a film job in wardrobe check out or for my literary ventures go here.

Oh and I found out about this series about some guys that form a rock band .  I contacted them, they sent the script but I had to pass it up.  It was an hour and a half long drive for the interview and about the same for a five day pilot filming in Rhode Island and it would cost me almost twice what they were going to pay me in gas.  And I really just couldn’t spend so much in gas today for an interview when I’ve been driving back and forth to Danvers. And the funny part…the rock stars were like 80 years old in assisted living.