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Ode to Etsy

15 Aug

Put this hot mama up in the etsy shop.  She’s my fav but I’m making another so there she blows!!!



Whoa Now…Whoa Whoa, My Second Movie Set

15 Aug


I have dark hair again…tots forgot to tell you.  And the only reason I changed it was because my hair caused such hubbadub on the last film set I worked on (Ted) that I decided to tone it down.  I only went black because it was the easiest thing to do so last minute.  I got a phone call Thursday to be on set for a film, Crooked Arrows, at 6am Friday.  So, I went to Bubby’s (my friend Vanessa) house and she helped me tame my last beast so I could look like this on set.

Sorry for the cheap web cam shots…deal with it. I still have no camera.


The funny thing about this movie – they wanted us to look super preppy.  We were shooting at a prep school in Danvers playing friends of some guys on a lacrosse team.  In real life I’ve never seen a lacrosse game and I sure as hell don’t dress preppy.

So, after laughing out loud for two hours at all the items they wanted me to bring along…that wouldn’t be caught anywhere near my closet (khakis, polos, white or navy shorts hahaha) I finally started going through my closet to figure something out.

I threw on a mini, some pearls, some little sandals and called it a day.  The wardrobe people actually liked it and I just changed into a black blazer and was set to go.

Don’t complain about the photo…it was 4am.


Set was grueling. I don’t really want to get into detail but I tanned at least 5 shades darker and I have tan lines from my blazer, my sunglasses, my necklaces, and bracelets.  I look so….odd now. And Indian. We were outside all day either standing or sitting on bleachers. No shade just blazing hot 90 degree sun blazing down on us. I’m sure someone had a stroke. Met a few of the actors… superman and the guy that played Jacob’s dad in Twilight were there.  Friggin Taylor Lautner should have been in it…what’s he doing anyway besides running around being a boyish ethnic Bourne. What ethnicity is he anyway? Is he Native American?

There were actually some Native Americans on set. Apparently they called around to tribes to get them there. Once again, met some cool peeps and the experience wasn’t all that bad seeing how I wanted to go back to work wardrobe. Never saw the wardrobe guy again that day 😦 and this other wardrobe woman I approached was a ….. let’s just say – not my favorite.

And both movies I’ve worked on wardrobe has loved my outfit. I’m about to add myself to my portfolio and say I’ve styled for film…hell.

Can you spot the dummies in the photo? There were a TON of them on set, extremely creepy.

It was only noon when I noticed that tan.

This cuteness!!!!



Inst-obsessed Style Diary

15 Aug

I’m obsessed with Instagram. As most iphone mummies and daddies are…

Well there’s my insta-style diary post.  That shirt is going up on etsy for $15 tonight.

Some BTS Shots From first IL Fall 2011 Show

10 Aug

Found these hiding on my camera.  They’re from a LATE night fitting for the Emmanuel College show we did back in….hm…April?  Don’t mind the tired faces or the scarves under our hoods. They were tired and most had just gone though the excruciating process of getting a fresh weave.

And if you’re wondering, the hoods will be going on sale later this month. Hopefully…if I get them photographed in time seeing how I just gave all of my samples to my mother.  The other pieces and lookbooks will be out in September.

On Etsy

10 Aug

So, I’ve finally created an Etsy shop after having the account lingering for months. I am slowly photographing and uploading items now.  There’s a mix of Isabella Louis stuff and some vintage things.  I also added a little “custom” section so if you’re feeling up for a project and there’s just something you’re dying for but can’t find in stores I’m your gal! Super cheesy…but no, if you are in need of a pair of studded jeans or maybe some type of extravagant piece lemme know. I’m excited.  Here are a few pieces up now.


5 Aug


Sent the text blast with the location out earlier today and there are hundreds of DOLLHOUSE fliers floating around this city with the location so I’d figured I’d also leak it on my blog.  For the very few who have no idea where DOLLHOUSE will be, they’ll find out Sunday.


The Intoxicated Artist

5 Aug

Not saying its a work of genius but I like it…

So after getting all pretty and making it over to super fun gay night at Estate at 1:20am, dancing like a hyper child, and giving sweet cheek kisses to the hottest bartender I’ve seen in a loooong time I made my way home at 3am.  Once I realized I was all alone and definitely not tired I made my way to The Factory (my studio’s name – make it stick) and starting playing with the acrylic paint and little canvases I had.  Now, I had been wanted to make Brit flags since I bought the paint but the night was moving so fast that I didn’t get a chance so I just stumbled up the stairs, shoved the key in the whole, and got to painting.

I didn’t even make that big of a mess! I expected some serious issues when I woke up this morning but nope.  Therefore, instead of drunkenly calling or texting people at 3 in the morning – I paint.

I’ll be doing a few IL Brit flag tees for Dollhouse…which is SUNDAY!