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And Today… I Sketch

19 Sep

Play now…

There’s this really beautiful moment I experience a couple times a year. It’s almost like my stars align and I can see my life…my immediate road ahead, very clearly. Perhaps my imagination has a field day but for this moment my mind’s capacity is filled with visions of what will be. Almost like several light bulbs going off at the same exact time.  I visualize a complete collection…it’s like I can see each model standing in each garment lined at the top of the stage. Last year I literally tried to translate that moment in real life…

(that was a college fashion show btw)

But I know exactly what to sketch when I grab my pad. I know every fabric I want to use and for the first several sketches I don’t even have to look at the page because my imagination has taken over all of my motor skills and my hand is just moving.  The rest is always done in the fabric store.

But also, in that moment I am inspired. I can see every shoot I want to have with The Boston Bazaar…every interview I want done, every story I want to read…

I can see a new character for a story…like we’re meeting for the first time…like he/she is inviting me to take a journey with them.  People often ask me how I come up with some of the stories I write but I can never put my finger on it.  I never plan a story to come…it just does.

The story I’m working on now – now has an ending. I’ve seen it. I can practically see a collection hanging on my clothing rack…I can see the pages of the lookbook... I can hear the music that will play at the shoot… I can feel the warm embrace of the handshake of my first significant interview…my eyes burn from the flash of the camera from the first shot of my shoot… I can smell the breakfast that I’ll eat on a day that I dread…I can taste the tears of discouragement…I can feel my mother’s embrace and practically hear her words…I can feel the fleeting in my stomach as I realize how far I’ve come… I can feel the isolation that awaits me…the joy that has been written for me… the obstacles that will fall upon me and I’m scared…hell, I’m tired just thinking about it but these moments come only so often so you have to take them as what they are…INSPIRATION.





You Know The Feeling

15 Sep

When you’re really excited about something but you have to wait ages to share it….

That’s what I’m experiencing right now.  We are redesigning The Boston Bazaar which will take it from sporadically updated website to AWESOME site with all of the sections up to date…including the fashion, culture, beauty! We’ve never had them all working.

Here’s a little preview.  I’m literally in the middle of working on it so there are some things that need to be changed… like the repetition of The Boston Bazaar and I’m adding the links to the rest of the website…but here’s fashion…

(the photo is random…haven’t added the content yet)

We’ll still have our main homepage that we’re used to, but the rest of the sections will look like this.

I also compared our stats with last years and we’re up 52,210 viewers.  That’s insane.  It’s awesome that its growing but lately a lot of people have seen errors because the site gets over capacity…and that’s because I need to buy more bandwidth.  So, if you’ve been a victim…sorry.

The main page is still in limbo as we update but follow the blog, the new interns are going at it!

Oh Lala Carnaby

8 Sep

Started stretching a pair of Carnabys out to take with me to fashion week! Love.  I hope to have tons of pictures by the end of the weekend to share.  We’re renting out an apartment a few blocks from Lincoln Center. So we shall live the lavish life of the broke and unfamous for a few days!

The Finer Things

6 Sep

I love juice. It’s a known fact.  And Nantucket Nectars makes the best juice known to man. Why can’t they just sell it by the gallon.  I would live on its juicy goodness. There’s probably a ton of sugar in it…but comeawwn.

Anywho, my crazy life. I started a job at Steve Madden.  I really don’t know any other way to obtain every shoe in there that I love…unless I plan to spend thousands every week. Which I don’t have so…comeawwwn.  I’m also still working at the book publisher over on Beacon, still going full throttle with The Boston Bazaar and Isabella Louis.  I actually decided to go to New York Fashion Week extremely last minute because we randomly got invites, none of which I can make it to. But this last minute planning is driving me bonkers.  On top of Boston’s little fashion night out that The Boston Bazaar is covering and trying to prepare some type of press coverage for Boston Fashion Week.

Our calendar looks like this…

Color coded and all.

So here are my first pair of free Steve Maddens…

Ala Troopa…

And here’s to the qualms of working at a shoe store.


They were so tight the first day I wore them to my job at Beacon that I could barely walk by the end of the day.  It took me like a half an hour to get to Charles St. So the next morning I walked around in thick socks and decided to go sock-less for the day because of their tightness.  Silly girl, they were already so stretched out that they just kept rubbing against the blister I got the first day…causing excruciating pain! Finally I gave in an got a pair of $70 flats for $20 bucks! Oh, I love the discount. But the damage was done. I’m still trying to recover from this blister.

Any good remedies???

I need to be in these for Saturday.