The Finer Things

6 Sep

I love juice. It’s a known fact.  And Nantucket Nectars makes the best juice known to man. Why can’t they just sell it by the gallon.  I would live on its juicy goodness. There’s probably a ton of sugar in it…but comeawwn.

Anywho, my crazy life. I started a job at Steve Madden.  I really don’t know any other way to obtain every shoe in there that I love…unless I plan to spend thousands every week. Which I don’t have so…comeawwwn.  I’m also still working at the book publisher over on Beacon, still going full throttle with The Boston Bazaar and Isabella Louis.  I actually decided to go to New York Fashion Week extremely last minute because we randomly got invites, none of which I can make it to. But this last minute planning is driving me bonkers.  On top of Boston’s little fashion night out that The Boston Bazaar is covering and trying to prepare some type of press coverage for Boston Fashion Week.

Our calendar looks like this…

Color coded and all.

So here are my first pair of free Steve Maddens…

Ala Troopa…

And here’s to the qualms of working at a shoe store.


They were so tight the first day I wore them to my job at Beacon that I could barely walk by the end of the day.  It took me like a half an hour to get to Charles St. So the next morning I walked around in thick socks and decided to go sock-less for the day because of their tightness.  Silly girl, they were already so stretched out that they just kept rubbing against the blister I got the first day…causing excruciating pain! Finally I gave in an got a pair of $70 flats for $20 bucks! Oh, I love the discount. But the damage was done. I’m still trying to recover from this blister.

Any good remedies???

I need to be in these for Saturday.


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