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28 Oct

It’s my birthday this weekend! I’ve spent the week thrifting and hanging out with mi madre, playing with my new camera and having dinner at my favorite Boston Japanese spot – Red Lantern.

Decided to take these in front of the tattered background I left from the last Boston Bazaar shoot while I took a photo break from watching Bad Girl’s Club, Project Runway, and that new spinoff show…oh and making my dresses for this weekend.

So, since I love this Red Lantern spot so much I decided I wanted to spend my birthday with my friends there.  Sent birthday reminders out a few weeks/month ago and invites last week…of course no one can make it. So, I’m taking my huge reservation and spending it with the people that want to spend my birthday with me.  Whether I show up to my pre-birthday toast is up in the air, but I will definitely go crazy this year. Too many of my birthdays have been… disappointments.

Smack ya Later,

With endless photos!


Oh Glory!

12 Oct

I have the day off!

So last night I hit up the Bushmills party…unlimited free Bushmills booze all night!

And by all night I mean until about 11:30 when it ended.  Of course, I got there fashionably late (had to finish watching 90210 and get dressed).  It was a very cool event. A ton of people showed up, I mean…there were free drinks and cupcakes.  The crowd was pretty awesome too, a lot of stylish folk… check out the albums.

Afterward we headed to the Red Lantern…my new favorite Boston spot! Had an amazing Red Lotus Martini and made plans to spend my birthday there.  It’s gorg…then we noticed the apocalypse ring that was around the moon ~.^ anyone else see that.

Well, I ordered (my mom ordered) me a new camera (for my birthday!) but that should totally be coming soon and I cannot WAIT.  I’ll finally get back to posting my style gallery shots and probably blogging a lot more.

Smack Ya Later,