Oh Schnaps 23 Part II

3 Nov

NONETHELESS, I made it back to Boston in one piece and then it hit me. Whoa, I’m 23! As a child, maybe teenager, I told myself by the end of my 23rd year I should have accomplished something amazing.  It’s sort of a deadline for me to become a famous actress, or designer, or writer…I don’t know, something.  I just felt a calling and for some reason 23 danced around as a deadline. Perhaps it’s written in my fate and I had a prophecy.  Sounds right.

Oh em ger, I only have a year left.

So, forget New Years. My new year started October 29th and I officially have 360 days to put some fire under my ass. And for this short time I’ve narrowed my goals down from superstardom and focused on my desire to work in film, design, my nifty Boston Bazaar, my move to Australia or London, and, of course, finish that damn novel I’ve been working on (Stewie voice). Oh, and totally being Tumblr famous 🙂


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