Oh Shnapps 23 Part I

3 Nov

The night before my birthday I worked late then decided to get some food.  Needless to say it was about 11 by the time I got back to my place.  Instead of rushing to make it to the bar by midnight we did this…

And then we headed to Copley, ran into some peeps on the street and then made it to the bar and I realized I forgot my ID. We get back to my place and head out…again and its 1:30 so we just head over to TITS and take some shots!

And then iHop because that’s the ONLY place open late night in Boston.

Next morning…woke up hungover, had a few glasses of champagne, headed to Louis Boston for Louis Exposure, had a glass of wine….

The the weekend went downhill from there.

-Everyone bailed on my extravagant birthday dinner.

-I said f*** those b****es and headed to my mommy. Whatever, I’ll have some time to write.

-Got caught in a mad blizzard on the highway, car slid the whole way, could barely see, and almost died…my phone was also dying.

-finally made it to Springfield only to be greeted by an entire city blackout and a freezing cold house and no way to charge my phone or laptops. And all of the groceries were going bad! I couldn’t return my redbox, couldn’t go to the atm, couldn’t get gas!

….it was such a tragedy that I ended up laughing the entire freezing night, snuggled with my mom in bed and a bottle of champagne.

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