Style Diary – Colatta Khakis

15 Nov

Wore this to work today.

Well, without the spikes.  Today was a looong work day. I’m in the last few days before I leave this 9-5 job I’ve been working, slightly going insane. I sit at a computer from 9-5 and by the end of it I have a migraine, my eyes hurt, and I feel like I might snap and do something crazy.  I took the train home and after standing in those shoes for the trip I made my way to the free seat once someone moved. As soon as I turned the train came to an abrupt halt and this strawberry colatta flew out of my hand and all over this guy wearing khakis….don’t wear khakis.  Of course, I was apologetic but I secretly thought I did him a huge favor….humpf, khakis.


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