Asha Isabella

The girl with the pearl safety-pin…

My name is Asha Isabella, I am a student (last semester!) in Boston.  I have embarked on a new journey with fashion design, new collection Isabella Louis will make its first appearance this Spring!  A few years back I started a company The Boston Bazaar and we’ve grappled with management for a while but have completely learned from all of our mistakes and are making some serious changes…it has been in limbo for quite sometime but everyone will see…that’ll be over soon…

 I am also beginning to get into journalism, to contrary belief just because I own a magazine doesn’t mean I am some journalistic master…we had someone else for that.  But I am getting into it, apparently I’m not too bad at it and as soon as I get back to school I’ll publish my articles on TBB, they had to go through some professional scrutiny first.  I am also a writer, I have been writing fiction since my wee days.  My mum still has hold of a book I wrote when I was 7, some little fairy tale (a 14 chapter fairy tale) and another I wrote when I was 12.  She’s begged me to publish but they are not my literary masterpieces, I am still working on that….it’s almost finished.

(GEEZ, my stomach just growled louder than it ever has)

On a more personal note, I guess.  I am a pretty ethnically mixed character.  My mother is Brazilian and Cape Verdean (her madre) and Portuguese and Irish (her padre) and my father is Ghanaian (African).  I am exactly 5 foot 9, for a while I was 5’8 and three-quarters but somehow I miraculously grew a quarter of an inch…maybe yoga??? Maybe I was just a slouching beast…

I fostered my musical talents while growing up, taking piano and voice lessons.  Once half of the town realized I was no singer, about a month before I realized it, I stopped with that joke.  I then took classes in music writing and wrote music for little singers, bands, whatevs and had a bit of fun with that.  In high school I also realized I was no runner after running on the track team and took up boxing before a HARSH injury and realized I liked the way I looked and wanted my ribs in tact.

You could say I have had an experimental journey throughout my life thus far and I’m and beginning to find where I fit in this world of ours.  I will not be clichéd and say I am finding myself…but this is a process of discovery.  I’ve had my phases my ups and downs…my viewpoints and opinions have developed into monstrous theories…I spend A LOT of spare time reading on notions of capitalism, existentialism, reality and structuralism, religion, sexuality, etc…. (I’m graduating with a degree in Writing & literature with a focus in economics – it’s expected)…..

But at the same time I love fashion [well not really]. I think people are beginning to loosely use the term and it is taking some serious abuse.  I love my individuality, the ability to express myself through style…I love learning about the origins of the industry, taking inspiration  and hopefully giving some….I love working behind scenes, coordinating things, etc….

And apparently I like to just own sh*t.  And I come from a family that just likes to own sh*t.  I am opening a store in Boston this year along with The Boston Bazaar and Isabella Louis and that is not where I will stop. I have insane plans for my future and the more I vocalize them the more I realize their….their (hmm)  accessibility.

SO…take this blogging journey with me…reach out to me, I love making new friends…and we’ll see what this becomes.


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