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29 Mar

Bet you’re intrigued… yeah, you are.

I will no longer be posting here – because some THIEVING WHORE stole my domain name. Whatever, no worries, I was growing out of it anyway. So to make things easier I will be posting on Simple. Fun. New!

Smack ya later.





Oh Glory!

12 Oct

I have the day off!

So last night I hit up the Bushmills party…unlimited free Bushmills booze all night!

And by all night I mean until about 11:30 when it ended.  Of course, I got there fashionably late (had to finish watching 90210 and get dressed).  It was a very cool event. A ton of people showed up, I mean…there were free drinks and cupcakes.  The crowd was pretty awesome too, a lot of stylish folk… check out the albums.

Afterward we headed to the Red Lantern…my new favorite Boston spot! Had an amazing Red Lotus Martini and made plans to spend my birthday there.  It’s gorg…then we noticed the apocalypse ring that was around the moon ~.^ anyone else see that.

Well, I ordered (my mom ordered) me a new camera (for my birthday!) but that should totally be coming soon and I cannot WAIT.  I’ll finally get back to posting my style gallery shots and probably blogging a lot more.

Smack Ya Later,

Oh Newbs

25 Aug

My day on Newbury Street yesterday consisted of getting a job at a shoe store (Steve Madden), breaking a heel, smoothies, getting cursed by a monk, becoming a stoop kid, and relentlessly scratching bug bites.

But that all happened after I went into Jack Wills.

Walk with me, if you will…

If you haven’t been to the 3 story Brit store get there now! It’s so awesome. No, I didn’t buy anything (it wasn’t a shopping day) but I fell in love with everything. Ok, to be quite honest, I’m not too sure I even saw the clothes…I was blinded by how AWESOME the store was. And I’ll say it again…awesome. And of course, I’m obsessed with Union Jack…I have a huge one on my wall.

See it there behind little miss…

But anyway… clearly we were private shoppers and had the store to ourselves to play in.  I do plan on returning, even if it is just for the pillow cases and to play on the Mac in the basement.

Oh, and of course, I asked what they were doing for FNO because how awesome would an event be in that space…………

None of them even knew what I was talking about —–_________——-

Smack ya later,
And get to Jack Wills


5 Aug


Sent the text blast with the location out earlier today and there are hundreds of DOLLHOUSE fliers floating around this city with the location so I’d figured I’d also leak it on my blog.  For the very few who have no idea where DOLLHOUSE will be, they’ll find out Sunday.


Love Opening My Inbox to This

4 Aug

Nice little write up on DOLLHOUSE. If you’re wondering why I always scream DOLLHOUSE when I bring it up, its because I’m really excited and I’m yelling on the inside.  It’s catching on though because I’ve seen the all caps in facebook statuses.

If you’re going, RSVP on facebook, we’re going to grab a few random names and let you in free so…why not.

And an Encore!

2 Aug

It’s DOLLHOUSE time again…in seven days.

It’s at a bar on Harvard Ave.

Figured I can drop hints on my own blog since the locations are private.

[don’t like how my skin looks in this picture…minus the forehead pimple I used a shitty web cam then instagram so it just looks rough. Whatevs. I’ll live.]

Hope to see you betches there! ❤




Gallivanting Around Beacon Hill

24 Jun

I took a different route back to my car yesterday when I left work.  It was pouring out and I never really like taking photos in this neighborhood…you know, in attempts to look super cool and residential.  Well, needless to say all the photos were blurry because of the aforementioned reasons and the fact that those bricks are slippery as hell…YES, I almost fell several times…in front of Luella, the Mexican nanny too.

Slip. Die a little. Back up.

I should sue them for the state of this sidewalk…

Now, of course, I accidentally deleted my favorite photo of a brilliant mansion…next time.

The photos are super small because that’s the way I uploaded them, didn’t really expect them to be so tiny but I can’t be bothered to do it again.


Later Days