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29 Mar

Bet you’re intrigued… yeah, you are.

I will no longer be posting here – because some THIEVING WHORE stole my domain name. Whatever, no worries, I was growing out of it anyway. So to make things easier I will be posting on Simple. Fun. New!

Smack ya later.





Style Inspiration: THE END

15 Nov

Jacket: Talbots, t-shirt: no idea, stole it from Michael, skirt: thrifted, arm candy: Isabella Louis, rings: Forever.

Woke up this morning feeling a bit preppy but not so – tight polo and pearls preppy…I was feeling – uniform breaking, cig smoking, skipping out on the bourgeois with my motorcycle riding boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks preppy.  So instead of wearing a camisole and a tennis bracelet I decided on a tee to dress it down and some chains and spikes to rock it up. Go for tees with BIG graphics (text only with a printed skirt) for major effect.

And never fear a colorful blazer. We’ll need it as New England gets more gothic for the season ahead.

And Today… I Sketch

19 Sep

Play now…

There’s this really beautiful moment I experience a couple times a year. It’s almost like my stars align and I can see my life…my immediate road ahead, very clearly. Perhaps my imagination has a field day but for this moment my mind’s capacity is filled with visions of what will be. Almost like several light bulbs going off at the same exact time.  I visualize a complete collection…it’s like I can see each model standing in each garment lined at the top of the stage. Last year I literally tried to translate that moment in real life…

(that was a college fashion show btw)

But I know exactly what to sketch when I grab my pad. I know every fabric I want to use and for the first several sketches I don’t even have to look at the page because my imagination has taken over all of my motor skills and my hand is just moving.  The rest is always done in the fabric store.

But also, in that moment I am inspired. I can see every shoot I want to have with The Boston Bazaar…every interview I want done, every story I want to read…

I can see a new character for a story…like we’re meeting for the first time…like he/she is inviting me to take a journey with them.  People often ask me how I come up with some of the stories I write but I can never put my finger on it.  I never plan a story to come…it just does.

The story I’m working on now – now has an ending. I’ve seen it. I can practically see a collection hanging on my clothing rack…I can see the pages of the lookbook... I can hear the music that will play at the shoot… I can feel the warm embrace of the handshake of my first significant interview…my eyes burn from the flash of the camera from the first shot of my shoot… I can smell the breakfast that I’ll eat on a day that I dread…I can taste the tears of discouragement…I can feel my mother’s embrace and practically hear her words…I can feel the fleeting in my stomach as I realize how far I’ve come… I can feel the isolation that awaits me…the joy that has been written for me… the obstacles that will fall upon me and I’m scared…hell, I’m tired just thinking about it but these moments come only so often so you have to take them as what they are…INSPIRATION.




Ghey Night Out & My Lesbian Inspiration

19 Sep

So we went to a ghey bar.

Lesbian bar.

I thought it’d be cool.

I’m strangely inspired by Lesbians… I can’t really articulate what it is. I think it fits in with the whole fashion aesthetic that appeals to me.. You know that badass, Euro-trashed, tattoo free rocker chick that probably kisses girls when she feels like it.  She’d probably also rather have sex with a chick than masturbate. She’ll  date a few too because love knows no gender for her…. there it is.

Well…moving on from my lesbian inspiration.

We go to this Lesbian bar and its nothing like that.  There are no cool, chic girls smoking classy cigs with cool haircuts. There are not cool hip-hop inspired tom boy looks with A hats, boy jeans, tight tops, and sneakers. No pretty face bad chicks. No pale lip smokey eyed sexy girls…There’s a bunch of dry girls ready to pounce my ass as soon as I walk in and feed me boring convo while trying to dance.

Nevermind miss rudeness at the door and the fact that Bryan could not get it.

Well here’s the photo story.


Fugly dress in the back.

Sabine and Michael

We ended up a Seven Eleven of course…fighting with the store keep about tacquitos then getting sick at my apartment from all of the bad Seven Eleven choices.

Spring 2011

19 Aug

I feel like this sums up the inspiration for my next collection! If you do not blatantly get the story behind this head gear I cannot wait until next season!!! We’ll show this fall I promise. I just need to put some plans in motions. Get enough money to finish the collection and figure out where to host the show(s)!!! It’ll happen kids. I’ve noticed I am one of those people –> once I set my mind to something it always happens! Gotta love that drive. Even if you cry all night and no longer understand your existence Make it Work!

Here’s my boo.

Kate Lanphear – My Favorite lady!

9 Aug

Hoh Crap – Stylegasm

9 Aug

Balmain silk-blend tweed $6,285.
Needs to be in my life.
End of story.
I’d go in debt for this jacket.

Smack ya later,