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29 Mar

Bet you’re intrigued… yeah, you are.

I will no longer be posting here – because some THIEVING WHORE stole my domain name. Whatever, no worries, I was growing out of it anyway. So to make things easier I will be posting on Simple. Fun. New!

Smack ya later.





Turban Tying!

19 Aug

Hoorah. Made a video this morning about tying turbans. I’m getting the hang of this video thing… even though I’m recording on a mini notebook with a web cam that has relatively horrible quality. No worries, you can still see/hear what you need to.

Asha Isabella – Tying a Turban from Asha Isabella on Vimeo.

1. Start off with your fabric. There are fabrics that are better than others for this type of thing and there are certain measurements that make it look better. So, here I am plugging my own turban prints that you can get on The Boston Bazaar or in the etsy shop.

2. Fold that baby diagonally so it is shaped like a triangle

3. With the tip facing forward bring the sides in front.

4. Twist.

5. Tie in back.

6. Tuck all excess fabric.

7. Voila.

Send me pics if you want!

Ode to Etsy

15 Aug

Put this hot mama up in the etsy shop.  She’s my fav but I’m making another so there she blows!!!


Some BTS Shots From first IL Fall 2011 Show

10 Aug

Found these hiding on my camera.  They’re from a LATE night fitting for the Emmanuel College show we did back in….hm…April?  Don’t mind the tired faces or the scarves under our hoods. They were tired and most had just gone though the excruciating process of getting a fresh weave.

And if you’re wondering, the hoods will be going on sale later this month. Hopefully…if I get them photographed in time seeing how I just gave all of my samples to my mother.  The other pieces and lookbooks will be out in September.

New IL Bracelets

21 Jul

And a DIY coming tonight.

Made those babies last night while catching up on Drop Dead Diva and Design Star.  I am going to be selling some Isabella Louis pieces at the next DOLLHOUSE (which is August 7th btw) and I wanted to make some easy things. So I grabbed some old bangles and made them perttty.

A lot of you probably recognize the prints.

Needless to say I need to go print shopping. Maybe today after work. YES! Today after work.

I digress…so, the small ones with all the green will be sold in threes and the larger bangles and cuffs by themselves.  I haven’t quite figured out prices because I need to decide where Ill get my materials from, other than the scrap fabric and old jewelry I have laying around The Factory.

BTW my apartment is my studio. My studio is The Factory.

DIY Coming!

28 Jun

So..Inspired by these random sketches I’ve just realized I’ve littered my work notepad with, I am going to rush home to do a DIY on a frock…or mini skirt, depending on what fabric I have left.

So I will get home…teach you guys how to make a skirt or frock and hopefully photograph and post the final piece on the site for sale.

And although I love LOVE you guys, I already promised Isabella Louis’ tumblr followers I’d make it for sale just for them.  So most likely, unless you have the tumblr code (which you can tot. get off the blog) you won’t see the piece.

Since we’re on the subject of Tumblr, I added Isabella Louis YESTERDAY and it already has twice as many followers as me.  Is it weird that I’m kind of jealous even though they are both me.  I mean, check it out, but the Isabella Louis page just has the photos I’ve been uploading to my own blog and a photo of my legs…

But then again, I’m also extremely proud because it is my work and people have had nothing but good things to say about it.  It has also attracted a ton of traffic to the shop.

Love ya always,

ps… peep the page: Isabella Louis Tumblr

More and More and More

25 Jun

I released their names on their blog: from left to right – Sydney, Cameron, Graham, and Veronica.  I also wrote the full story for the feather skirt so check it out!

So far, Veronica is clearly my favorite. I already have her entire wardrobe out.  Sydney, on the other hand, I have to really dig around the old collection for.  I want Isabella Louis to represent these two extremes – she’ll definitely be more preppy, more 50s retro inspired… she’s more apt to wrap a scarf around her neck and wear a 50s inspired bustier with a poodle skirt-esque bottom.  She’s got a bit of a different background than Veronica, appreciates low key wine tastings, ballets, museums… Veronica can be more LA inspired with a serious rock edge…she likes surfing, parties, late night roof picnics, loud music, and an obsession with Jeffrey Campbell.  Now the guys, seeing how IL doesn’t have a menswear collection that’ll be interesting.

I also put a little black dress up for sale…

She’s a size large and $15: Buy Her!

Think that’s all for now…still taking photos.