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29 Mar

Bet you’re intrigued… yeah, you are.

I will no longer be posting here – because some THIEVING WHORE stole my domain name. Whatever, no worries, I was growing out of it anyway. So to make things easier I will be posting on Simple. Fun. New!

Smack ya later.




14 Dec

What I’m Listening to: Sail by Awolnation

25 Aug

A bit of Awolnation for that morning drive….Yes, that was me blasting this song as I drove down Beacon St this morning.

Such a serious song…did he say “kill myself”??? Trust me, I’m not suicidal. Its a shame I don’t always listen to lyrics. And that’s the first time I’ve ever watched the video, but it slowed me down and made me listen. I definitely love the beat and his voice and those two distracted me. But seriously…minus the pseudo emotional lyrics this needs to play every time I enter a room.


15 Aug

You are not going to complain about the bad cell shot but I wanted to introduce you to the wall in my room that I stare at most. Not because I’m a lunatic but because that’s where the TV is and I’ve got a criminal minds obsession.

Those are the etsy pieces.

And if you want to keep up with my efforts on trying to get a film job in wardrobe check out or for my literary ventures go here.

Oh and I found out about this series about some guys that form a rock band .  I contacted them, they sent the script but I had to pass it up.  It was an hour and a half long drive for the interview and about the same for a five day pilot filming in Rhode Island and it would cost me almost twice what they were going to pay me in gas.  And I really just couldn’t spend so much in gas today for an interview when I’ve been driving back and forth to Danvers. And the funny part…the rock stars were like 80 years old in assisted living.

Some Remixes for Your Day

2 Aug

ONE. I love Foster the People if you haven’t noticed.  I’m absolutely always listening to them at work, I drive with them on BLAST, and I saw them earlier this summer. SO, you shouldn’t be too surprised that when there’s a FTP electro mix I practically sh*t myself…I’m literally in the office holding in a scream and full blown dance routine. It’s hard to contain myself.

The story: Grouplove & Captain turned Pumped up Kicks into a club-thumper while FTP remixed their Colours song.


Here’s FTP

(wordpress is evil and won’t let me post it so go to the  source)

What I’m Listening To: Miike Snow – Black & Blue

2 Aug

What I’m Listening to: Helena Beat

26 Jul

Because I’m obsessed with Foster the People…it’s really unhealthy