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Some Beyonce for the Brain

3 Jun

You know when you have something crazy that you mean to show someone but you keep forgetting…that’s what this is all about.  I have held onto this magazine since my teeny teen years and finally dug it out as I was clearing out my room for the big move….

This is Beyonce in 2001

Beyonce now….


In comparison to the other “mega” booty –>

Jennifer Lopez booty 2001

Jennifer Lopez now…

Just sayin’… when you’ve got it you’ve got it



29 May

As much as I DON’T like Beyonce (yeah, I said it)…I like this video.


11 Mar

was going to wait till tonight but a fb friend posted it..

If the video doesn’t pop up: click here

Taking Back Tuesdays

6 Jan

The day, of course, started at the hair salon.  My stylist, Gary – the hair magician, has a new little shop in the back of where he used to work.  The first room you walk into is nicely decorated, beautifully colored walls, draped curtains, etc…there’s a sink, bench, tv, yada ya…then in a separate room – the styling chair and all the goods.  He’s got this whole exclusivity thing going on…pretty nice.

[Ha – watching people’s choice, wasn’t paying attention to the category but Taylor Swift beat Beyonce again]

Anywho, back to the story…so once I left the salon I went to my friend Trav’s house, watched a bit of an old movie then headed back home.  The entire day at the salon my eye was in a strange pain and blazing red.  So I went home, used some  drops and then picked Trav up to go sing some Karaoke downtown at this place called Pazzo next to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Picked up Nicole on the way and met Shasa there.  As soon as we walked in we were flowered with compliments…t’was a unique experience.  This man Greg bought our first round of drinks and Trav was the only one that ended up singing because the place closed at 12…thought it would be over at 2.

So Vinny met up with us in the parking lot and we decided to bar hop downtown…on a Tuesday.

The first bar was absurd full of kids that looked younger than us…couldn’t really be because it was 21+ and I just turned 21…but they looked young.  There were trashy girls in the crowd and the place was filled with big buff guys in Hollister and Ed Hardy so we got the hell out of there.  The second option was closed to we headed over to Alumni…

It was really cool, nice little…totally………..empty.  There were probably seven other people there when we walked in. So we all made a bee line for the bar across the room.  My eyes focused

[I just got really excited – Johnny Depp actually showed up at the People’s Choice Awards]

Once again, total digression… My eyes focused on the sexiest bartender that I’ve seen in Springfield so I sat in the chair in front of him and we all ordered our first drinks.  As the night progressed we became friends with this sexy bastard.  I walked away to dance for a bit and when I came back he was just staring me in the face. (love).

He’s all like “Where do I know you from?”

I’m all like…”no idea”

He’s all “I’ve met you somewhere before.”

I’m all flirty like “no, I would have definitely remembered.”

He side glances at Travis and grins a little.  We go back and forth for a bit…Apparently he’s 30, used to go to Springfield college and I worked there when I was 16…total lie, I realized I never worked there (I did work at Elms College though).  So this man and I have never met before. 

We decided our fabricated reunion deserved a drink so he gave us a round of free shots.  It tasted like chocolate and everyone rejoiced…I was the only one who doesn’t like chocolate.  Then I told him I wanted something that tasted like strawberries so he gave another free drink and gave a free one to Trav, as he showered the man in compliments.

We were becoming best friends until some bartender hoarders took him away from us…I looked at Trav (he was like whoa is your eye still bugging?? >it was still red apparently) and I was like if you stare at him he will come.  So I look over to him, he makes eye contact and comes back.  Free drinks yada ya.

Before we leave, we become best friends – know his working schedule

[side note – what the hell is going on at MCPHS right now >>>terrorist arrest – sorry watching the news – that’s way too close to me]

but yea and then get his business card because apparently he is the manager at this bar, helped build it, and owns his own fitness company, he’s a trainer.  We promised to be back this weekend and bid our farewells.

By the time I got home my eye was in some crazy hell fire pain.  I tried rinsing it with water because it looked like oil was circling its redness, which was now the color of blood.  I could barely open it, it was super light sensitive and felt like a ton of needles stabbing it.

[another side note: idiot ass teenager “Yea, I text when I drive and I still will…I’ll just hide it.” DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE – if you do seriously cut it out]

The eye also hurt as much closed as it did open.

Woke up the next morning and got dressed quickly to run to the bank to solve that issue I talked about in my last video and then Walgreens for some new lipstick (they didn’t have my color).  New hair style caused me to be a major spectacle…you would have though I was a freaking Avatar (SEE AVATAR IF YOU HAVE NOT – AMAZING)

Then I get home, about to cry from the damn eye pain, and thinking it was my reoccurring pink eye I put some drops in…then my mom calls the optometrist to make an emergency appointment.

I go immediately and apparently I have an ulcer…super effing scary.

About a year and a half maybe two years ago Michael accidentally hit me in the eye with the computer cord (the side that goes into the outlet) and it caused a huge abrasion on my eye… Went to the ER and they treated my oncoming infection, conjunctivitis -> pink eye.  Four doctors later and about two years they refitted my contacts, got me a new prescription, and continued to treat me for reoccurring pink eye…BUT this whole time I had a freaking ULCER…not being well treated!!!

So, I’m on meds, in pain, a little irritable and lonely because I can’t be around other people or really go out into the day light.  I also have to change my towel, sheets, and pillowcases every night.  Disinfect everything I touch and put burning hell fire meds in my eye every hour.  I also have to randomly turn every light in my room off every once in a while and put my face in a pillow because the light really starts hurting it.

I’ll upload pictures of the creepy ass docs room later.

BUT hopefully, it has cleared up some by morning…if not I have to go right back.  Oh and the meds were $45 with my copay for a small bottle, smaller than half of my thumb.  If it is not cleared up my morning that means its viral and I may have to deal with it for a month versus a few days…It could also turn really nasty.