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Turban Tying!

19 Aug

Hoorah. Made a video this morning about tying turbans. I’m getting the hang of this video thing… even though I’m recording on a mini notebook with a web cam that has relatively horrible quality. No worries, you can still see/hear what you need to.

Asha Isabella – Tying a Turban from Asha Isabella on Vimeo.

1. Start off with your fabric. There are fabrics that are better than others for this type of thing and there are certain measurements that make it look better. So, here I am plugging my own turban prints that you can get on The Boston Bazaar or in the etsy shop.

2. Fold that baby diagonally so it is shaped like a triangle

3. With the tip facing forward bring the sides in front.

4. Twist.

5. Tie in back.

6. Tuck all excess fabric.

7. Voila.

Send me pics if you want!