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Isabella Louis SELLS!

27 Jul

I know. It took a while, but when you really want to do something – just do it.  So in the wee hours of Monday night I decided we were going to sell all of the Isabella Louis pieces from the last show and some pieces I’ve been working on that are not necessarily apart of the SS 2011 collection.

Here are a few just in case you forgot

We’ll also be selling those IL chains…remember?


And by next month you’ll be seeing a lot more accessories, shades, shoes (SHOES!)… craziness.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner.

Did I mention we have a SS 2011 collection in the works? Whoa.

Love my life right now.

Show some support and invite yourself to the facebook event.  Fans of the Boston Bazaar get a private showing and access before the general public this weekend!

I love you guys. ❤ Heart.

Smack ya later,


Whoa Whoa Whoa

23 Jun

Talk about neglect…

Whoopsi.  I’ve been multitasking.

Finished The Boston Bazaar….

AND I’ve started the Isabella Louis Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  We’ll be showing it this fall which is superrrr.  I’ve also been writing a ton – my stuff and a some stuff for the site.  I’m kind of tired.  But I did spend an entire week doing nothing but watching Heroes seasons 1 – 4.  I fell absolutely head over heels for Zach Quinto.

And when I say in love I mean absolutely heartbreakingly obsessed.  I was putting my “meet Zach” plan in motion BUT of course, he and I were meant to be best friends…I don’t think he goes for my team -> you know, the vagin and all. I still want to meet the man.  After countless interviews I’ve watched he seems like a really cool person.  I need to familiarize myself with Twitter and get into it so I can follow him.

Sigh, I really want him lol.  Watch this and know why I can’t have him,

(that’s a youtube video – hope it works)

I have also come to the recent realization that Aries and Scorpios are by far the most fun combos…we’ll see, aries may also be a tad bit crazy.

I’ve made Trident on Newbury Street my new hangout spot. Great food. Great Books. What more can I ask for. [Zach Quinto]
I guess I will just have to find love elsewhere….My last huge celeb crush was Heath Ledger, and this disappointment feels the same. I am just not meant to love a celeb!!!

HMM…what else. Made some cool rings and what not. I’ll put them up as soon as I take some photos. I’ll do it otmorrow, I promise. I owe you swiftness.

I need to go shower now…can’t make an aries wait, they’re psychotic. Seriously.

Some Isabella Louis Photos from EMPULSE Fashion Show

4 Apr

Some IL pics from the show thanks to Rebecca Jarvis!!

Isabella Louis!! First Show finite

29 Mar


Prepare yourself for a long one.  We’re waiting for the photos but I’d figure we would take a photo journey of what it took to get here and how amazing this weekend was as a result.

Well…to properly prepare for your first collection when you are a college student you must set up studio space in the basement of your parents’ house…


Then pack all of the belongings you deem absolutely essential to daily living and move into a college dorm…mine only took up a van


Then instead of using all of this ample time to begin the collection you MUST procrastinate and come up with an idea for safety pin chains and make a ton….


Then go home for Christmas break, where you plan on finishing the entire collection in a month and gather your trinkets, buy some chains, a huge cross, and some fabric, attempt a pattern – fail…cut out the first dress, pin it together, then set all of your fabric out so you can see the amount of work you have ahead of you.


Go back to school…make zero progress then go back home for spring break,start the infamous blue dress and totally forget there was more to it and hate it for a whole 3 hours before you realize you have forgotten the tulip effect.


Then grow discouraged and angry because you simply cannot figure out pants or shorts…Become enraged, throw the fabric out, and sit in a pile of fabric, thread, and cereal…tons of cereal and watch movies.  Finally break down and cry and thank your mom for the pep talk as you get your ass to the fabric store to buy some more fabric.

Then make this skirt instead of the shorts and applaud yourself because it was a good idea…


Move back to school…turn the basement of your res hall into a studio and set up shop.

Throw that pink dress away because you have grown to hate it and start over with a slightly different design in mind.


Get back to school…procrastinate a bit. Realize its serious crunch time – ie week before the show. DO not sleep at all because you have to study for that stats exam and sew like an insane person.  Michael will be sitting in the corner of your room making accessories and studding like insane. 


Michael will make a million knots and I’ll sew them to this skirt. Have the model that was fitting for this skirt come try it on and hate the way it looks as your friend Liz walks into the room and jump for joy with Michael like a fool once you realize how great she looks in it.


Start the Eva dress…had to name it that because it was literally sculpted on her body.


Stop sewing and take a pic of Michael studding a belt.

Start the black and yellow dress…realize the first design looks stupid and transform it


Grow extremely discouraged as you attempt to make your first jacket.  Realize you cannot figure it out, take a seat on the heater staring at in in disbelief drinking a coffee collata and watch a mouse make its way into your room under the door and run towards the heater.  BBM liz about it, beat the crap out of the heater with Michael’s crutch and then open the door for Liz.  When Liz gets there watch her boldly search for the little buggar and then welcome her words of encouragement for the jacket.  The miraculously figure it out. But not with much time to clean up the inside.


Rush home to get your hair done by 6pm…Get to the salon and wait for the other clients to be finished and get out of there after midnight.  Get back to school by 3am and start sewing.  Realize you have no zipper for the white leotard or anything to close the black jacket with.  Theeen realize you are just to tired to care, you’ll figure it out later. 

The day of the show finish the pink dress, realize you’ve made the head hole to small when the model tries it on and it rips before she can even get it over her head.  Take the dress back, stud and spike your jacket, take a shower, show up to the show late…about 20 minutes before show time.  Get everything together


Snap some pictures before taking your seat

  See the pink dress and thank God you finished it…pinch yourself for the little butt bubble you forgot about. You are backstage dancing and dressing like a mad person as your girls line up…a friend is taking the pics out front.


Grow absurdly excited to see the pictures from the show…but drool over these pics your shakey handed friend took


And after the show, there’s the after party… I’ll upload those pics after

Then my room looked like this by the weekend’s end…HAVOC

Part deux…coming soon.

Sneak Peak Isabella Louis

11 Mar

My super fun spring break has been dedicated to sewing from the moment I wake up (9am) to about 2am when I fall asleep.  I should stop sounding so bitter because I have actually been enjoying myself.  I am in my studio (basement) with my sewing materials, tons of movies, and great glorious solitude…then I sit and stare at the beauty I’ve created and smile for about an hour while stuffing my face with cheeseless pizza and orange juice.

Well here’s a little sneak for all you beauties.

Yes…that is Rupaul’s Drag Race on the tele


19 Jan

Desperately Needing to Sew

4 Jan