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Whoa Whoa Whoa

23 Jun

Talk about neglect…

Whoopsi.  I’ve been multitasking.

Finished The Boston Bazaar….

AND I’ve started the Isabella Louis Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  We’ll be showing it this fall which is superrrr.  I’ve also been writing a ton – my stuff and a some stuff for the site.  I’m kind of tired.  But I did spend an entire week doing nothing but watching Heroes seasons 1 – 4.  I fell absolutely head over heels for Zach Quinto.

And when I say in love I mean absolutely heartbreakingly obsessed.  I was putting my “meet Zach” plan in motion BUT of course, he and I were meant to be best friends…I don’t think he goes for my team -> you know, the vagin and all. I still want to meet the man.  After countless interviews I’ve watched he seems like a really cool person.  I need to familiarize myself with Twitter and get into it so I can follow him.

Sigh, I really want him lol.  Watch this and know why I can’t have him,

(that’s a youtube video – hope it works)

I have also come to the recent realization that Aries and Scorpios are by far the most fun combos…we’ll see, aries may also be a tad bit crazy.

I’ve made Trident on Newbury Street my new hangout spot. Great food. Great Books. What more can I ask for. [Zach Quinto]
I guess I will just have to find love elsewhere….My last huge celeb crush was Heath Ledger, and this disappointment feels the same. I am just not meant to love a celeb!!!

HMM…what else. Made some cool rings and what not. I’ll put them up as soon as I take some photos. I’ll do it otmorrow, I promise. I owe you swiftness.

I need to go shower now…can’t make an aries wait, they’re psychotic. Seriously.