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Oh Newbs

25 Aug

My day on Newbury Street yesterday consisted of getting a job at a shoe store (Steve Madden), breaking a heel, smoothies, getting cursed by a monk, becoming a stoop kid, and relentlessly scratching bug bites.

But that all happened after I went into Jack Wills.

Walk with me, if you will…

If you haven’t been to the 3 story Brit store get there now! It’s so awesome. No, I didn’t buy anything (it wasn’t a shopping day) but I fell in love with everything. Ok, to be quite honest, I’m not too sure I even saw the clothes…I was blinded by how AWESOME the store was. And I’ll say it again…awesome. And of course, I’m obsessed with Union Jack…I have a huge one on my wall.

See it there behind little miss…

But anyway… clearly we were private shoppers and had the store to ourselves to play in.  I do plan on returning, even if it is just for the pillow cases and to play on the Mac in the basement.

Oh, and of course, I asked what they were doing for FNO because how awesome would an event be in that space…………

None of them even knew what I was talking about —–_________——-

Smack ya later,
And get to Jack Wills