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My Steve Madden Wish List

23 Aug

I never go in Steve Madden…its like I completely forget its there. But my bestie Shasa was in town from DC last week so we hit up newbs and ended up at Steve Madden.  Much to my surprise there was MUCH to desire.

And that’s why I have an interview there tomorrow afternoon :D. I mean, I can make my own clothes…and jewelry…and other awesome sh** but shoes, man…always have to spend on shoes. It makes sense to work there.



New Toys

22 Dec

New little Oliver Swift shoes with plaid interior and Studs!


Yes, I wear lace socks…my new favorte thing to do. Not a huge fan of socks period but a New England winter doesn’t really care what you like. So, since I have to wear socks – they’ll be lack on top, coming just over the ankle region.  Like the idea though and will probably continue throughout the spring.  I make them!

Oh and a necklace

I also got a ton of frabric yesterday so I can start this collection for Isabella Lous.  I took pics at the fabric store and have pictures of the fabric, I’ll show you later. Buttt “Paranormal State” has a marathon on (don’t judge me – its entertaining) and my room looks like this…


I can explain though… I went Christmas shopping yesterday and I’m still not completely unpacked from school.