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Style Diary – Wishes

11 Nov

Today is 11.11.11 so if you missed 11:11am you MUST make a wish at 11:11pm.  That gives you all day to think about it.  If you had one wish what would you use it on? No cheating…no wishes for magic lanterns or 3 extra wishes…just one. Tough. Heck if I know. To keep my family and friends around forever, a lifetime supply of clothes, endless amounts of shoes, a million bucks, a business investor, a wardrobe job on a movie, Ryan Reynolds in my bed…who knows!

Here’s what I’m wearing.

Top: Thrifted $3

Skirt: Thrifted $7

Belt: Mommy’s closet $free

Shoes: Steve Madden Carnaby’s $179. On sale now for $99


Inst-obsessed Style Diary

15 Aug

I’m obsessed with Instagram. As most iphone mummies and daddies are…

Well there’s my insta-style diary post.  That shirt is going up on etsy for $15 tonight.

This is My

30 May

I’m a G stance…and my childhood bedroom behind me…

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack & Knuckles

19 May

Part 947…

How to turn a boring Tuesday bar night into something spectacular…

We decided to go out on a Tuesday to talk to this hot bartender Jesse, last time I was home we met him on a Tuesday and we all fell in love.  We had a connection. lol.  Anywho…gathered the gang… Michael was here from Boston.

We blast music in the car…you know – techno remixes to drop it low, some Rihanna, Gucci Mane, and Ride…Scoop Trav up…

So we make our way to Nicole then down to the club in the rain and make a mad dash from the car to the club. In our heels and such and finally make it to the club hoping to be greeting by Jesse’s beautiful-ness.  BUT NO, he was not there that night…nor was anyone else for that matter.

So we have a drink…well Michael has a drink and I take a sip or two…or three.

So we get out of there and make our way over to another bar…that is also pretty empty, with the exception of a few “older folk.”  We take some photos, grab some free condums and get out of there.

That was a wack fest so we get out of there and head over to this place called Fat Cats…which basically seemed like a frat party last time we went..it was kind of empty.  Twenty people…maybe.  So we had some drinks.  Scoped the place for cuties…saw one.  Then made our way upstairs where the real shenanigans began.

She was clearly asleep…

And somehow Michael swiped a bottle of absolut from the bar, we finished our drinks, and got out of there.

Michael and Travis took shots.


The Michael’s crazy self puked an cried out of the door after two shots.

So we partied in the car…blasted our music. Another friend parked his car and joined us.  We called just about every random person in our phonebooks and if they did not answer we left messages!!! It was all just too funny. I ended up writing on my ghey crush’s status…Just night madness.

Smack Ya Later,


Style Diary 3.3.10

3 Mar

After I took these I realized I had no shoes on….forgive forgive

AND YES…i still have the bruise.

–I also dressed like a boy yesterday, forgot to take pics though. I’ll do it again. It was odd because I don’t even wear pants…nevermind boy pants and sneakers!!!  I also decided if I was a boy I would still wear pearls.

Our Impromtu Shoot

18 Jan

Sitting around eating dinner in the cafe and decided to take some photos…That’s Michael.

And I’m Listening to…

Good Morning! Style Diary 1.14.2010

14 Jan

It’s been a while…