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On Etsy

10 Aug

So, I’ve finally created an Etsy shop after having the account lingering for months. I am slowly photographing and uploading items now.  There’s a mix of Isabella Louis stuff and some vintage things.  I also added a little “custom” section so if you’re feeling up for a project and there’s just something you’re dying for but can’t find in stores I’m your gal! Super cheesy…but no, if you are in need of a pair of studded jeans or maybe some type of extravagant piece lemme know. I’m excited.  Here are a few pieces up now.


Mother May I

23 Aug

I worked from 9 to 5 today…yuck – what a cliché –> well, its only temporary.

I’ve started packing.

Or my mom has started packing my things. I think she’s more excited about me getting out of here than I am.

Becky sent the photos from the Urban Nerdz shoot! So here’s a peek…

Day one was on a rooftop in Allston. Day two was on Newbury Street at the Concrete Jungle!

Oh but the best part about Day one was adding our tags to the roof and the two random people that came up as we were leaving. Leaving behind the smell of fresh spray paint and the fact that no one gave us permission to use the roof. None of us even live in that building but saw it once and decided we needed it. Pretty sure the lady.man that came up had something to do with management because we weren’t entirely discreet.  Some creeper man even had a stare challenge with Michael at one point (from his window). Someone told on us –_–… but we were done. so IN YO FACE SUCKKA.

Hey There, Fancy Meeting You Here

9 Jul

There are several reasons I haven’t been posting.  I broke my camera, the love of my life.  It just sporadically stopped taking photos.  So pre-New York trip (which I should blog about) I ran to Walmart and got a new little digi-cam but that just stopped working on Monday so that bad boy is going back.  AND I’ve been at casting for The Boston Bazaar all week.  I’ve been blogging here. And, I’ve been trying to manage new friends…give them the time they deserve ya know.  I was quoted “You’re a new friend, sorry, sometimes I just forget to involve you in my life.”

I also sporadically woke up from a dream a couple of weeks ago. And I mean I sat straight up and I was talking in my sleep.  The strangeness of both events woke me up.  My dream was the most graphically insane thing that has ever happened to me during my much enjoyed rem sleep.  But I decided I needed to write it all out.  You know exaggerate some things, develop a couple of characters…spit five chapters out that day.  So, I’ve been working on that little baby.

I’ve also been doing these nifty little “look of the day” pieces for The Boston Bazaar.  Ya know, styling some ensembles based on some cool trends, telling people where to buy them and how much they are.  Strangely enough, they’re time-consuming and once I am done and have them posted I get messages like “where can I find hareem pants like the one you posted today.”  You know, not because the post doesn’t have ALL OF THE PURCHASING INFORMATION. 

I’ve become obsessed with the phrase “Who ARE you.”  Will Farrell type emphasis on the “are.”  Here’s a preview:  If you feel a rad need to check them out clickie herr.  Well, isn’t that a doosie.

I’m so random right now.  Probably from lack of sleep.  Lets see…..

You would be doing me a major solid if you followed The Boston Bazaar on Facebook and Twitter.  You would be doing yourself a solid too because (just between us) we’re going to start rewarding our fans and giving them free stuff and invites to private events from some of our collab peoples.

Urm.  What else.  Well went to New York last week and sat by the pier in the village.  Saw more trannys and men with lace panties…sex shops and randomness than I’ve ever seen in my life.  I’ve fallen in love with the comic Rachel Feinstein…who is randomly on that show Last Comic Standing – which I watched after I saw her stand up on comedy central.  I never usually watch those but she coercively grabbed my attention.

Oh, I had a strangggge dream last night that some jerk was tailgating me and driving like and idiot.  So I turn around and flip him off and his girlfriend is in the passenger and he’s holding a boot trying to say something.  He was having trouble driving with one boot so when we all got to the stop & shop I sassed him.  His girfriend was pissed off at me and stormed in the store.  I was yelling at him, talking about I’ve driven in six-inch stilettos so he should stop complaining.  Then we found out we both live in the same area in Boston and secretly made plans to see one another.  Of course we were in love.

Well, that’s all for now my dear dear diary.

Smack ya Later,


Whoa Whoa Whoa

23 Jun

Talk about neglect…

Whoopsi.  I’ve been multitasking.

Finished The Boston Bazaar….

AND I’ve started the Isabella Louis Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  We’ll be showing it this fall which is superrrr.  I’ve also been writing a ton – my stuff and a some stuff for the site.  I’m kind of tired.  But I did spend an entire week doing nothing but watching Heroes seasons 1 – 4.  I fell absolutely head over heels for Zach Quinto.

And when I say in love I mean absolutely heartbreakingly obsessed.  I was putting my “meet Zach” plan in motion BUT of course, he and I were meant to be best friends…I don’t think he goes for my team -> you know, the vagin and all. I still want to meet the man.  After countless interviews I’ve watched he seems like a really cool person.  I need to familiarize myself with Twitter and get into it so I can follow him.

Sigh, I really want him lol.  Watch this and know why I can’t have him,

(that’s a youtube video – hope it works)

I have also come to the recent realization that Aries and Scorpios are by far the most fun combos…we’ll see, aries may also be a tad bit crazy.

I’ve made Trident on Newbury Street my new hangout spot. Great food. Great Books. What more can I ask for. [Zach Quinto]
I guess I will just have to find love elsewhere….My last huge celeb crush was Heath Ledger, and this disappointment feels the same. I am just not meant to love a celeb!!!

HMM…what else. Made some cool rings and what not. I’ll put them up as soon as I take some photos. I’ll do it otmorrow, I promise. I owe you swiftness.

I need to go shower now…can’t make an aries wait, they’re psychotic. Seriously.

You Ever Just Feel Like Smiling

30 May

Well, I’ve been that way for like a week!!!

The Boston Bazaar has a re-launch next weekend…and it is just SO different and I am uber excited.  Isabella Louis will also be showing all summer and I’ve already started working on the Fall 2010 collection and BAM!!!  We’re thinking about a bit of an exclusive showing in Springfield, MA but….eh….maybe.

Anywho…been working HARD on a lot of projects, my bed time has been 4am for the past week but whateeeever.  Did I mention I spent and extra $15 on rushed shipping for my business cards (3 day) but we were only 2 days from the weekend plus the holiday…so I wasted some serious money. Womp womp.

smack ya later,


Boston Bazaar Vid

11 Mar

We’ve been working on some things lately that I cannot share yet but here’s a video of a shoot we did back in October.  It was created by Artis falls and its really cool check it out.  The Boston Bazaar

The Boston Bazaar Overload

3 Dec

Been working…

Almost finished with my sketches for the Isabella Louis Spring 2010 collection. Once that is finished Michael and I are going to start working on accessories and other coolness.  Ive also been making those nifty little chain brooches…I made an etsy shop too.  I cannot wait until this semester is over so I can get home (the studio awaits) and start working on the collection.  I’ll be picking models this Saturday…fingers crossed that I like them (I’m rather picky).

Apart from the super fun Isabella Louis work I’ve figured that it is time to get back into the full swing of things with The Boston Bazaar.  I’ve got tons of interviews lined up looking for interns for the next semester.  I am really in search of a good group here, needless to say I’ve been disappointed in the past –_–.

Made some random flyers after an impromptu photo shoot with one of our models.

I like it. It reminds me of those old 70s biker chick ads that were thrown on billboards…probably for cigs but whatever.  But I was going for some type of nostalgic edge.

Not all that different.  Speaking of which – we’re in need of writers. Serious need…for both the magazine and the website.  I’ll be posting some pieces I’ve written in a couple of days but everyone is bound to get sick of my voice… need some diversity in there.  If you’re interested make your way on over to the site.

The main reason for the photo shoot, however, was to get some photos for the shop because I am finally opening it up again.  The adding clothes process is rigorous so it is taking a few days but you can check it out if you want to. Here-ah

Well, there’s that. 

<little disclaimer here – I’m no photograher or big artissst (French accent) nor do I know ANYTHING about graphic design but I experiment whenever I get the chance.  I design the website (there tends to be a few hiccups but I’m working on it) and I do random things like this all the time because I think its cool) – my message to all: if you feel like doing it, go for it. You’ll never know how good you could be unless you try.>

OH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MI MUM. I love her soo much.  If it were not for her I probably would not be doing half of the things I enjoy, she’s been massively supportive throughout my life…no matter what new crafty thing I was getting into. ❤ ❤ <3.

Hugs and kisses guysss.

Later days,

(ps, I know what you’re thinking – if she’s so crafty why doesn’t she get a header already? I’m working on it! –_–)