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Style Diary – Wishes

11 Nov

Today is 11.11.11 so if you missed 11:11am you MUST make a wish at 11:11pm.  That gives you all day to think about it.  If you had one wish what would you use it on? No cheating…no wishes for magic lanterns or 3 extra wishes…just one. Tough. Heck if I know. To keep my family and friends around forever, a lifetime supply of clothes, endless amounts of shoes, a million bucks, a business investor, a wardrobe job on a movie, Ryan Reynolds in my bed…who knows!

Here’s what I’m wearing.

Top: Thrifted $3

Skirt: Thrifted $7

Belt: Mommy’s closet $free

Shoes: Steve Madden Carnaby’s $179. On sale now for $99